PHOTO ESSAY: Brazilian Street Art With Ankita Kumar

Art is a mirror to the society, and street art is possibly its most reflective art form. From pop-art graffiti to PSAs, creative expression in public spaces are the keys to the diffusion of urban culture and ideas.

Did you know that street art was considered vandalism till not so long ago?

The practice of street art has undergone a redemption in recent times, heralded by the likes of such pop-culture phenomenons as Bansky.

In India too, street artists and movements such as Tyler and St+art India have caught on this particular visual medium of commentary to convey their dissent, disappointment and even hope for the future.

We followed compulsive traveller and tribe member Ankita Kumar, as she went exploring the streets of Brazil to bring us this photo essay of contemporary street art culture of the Latin nation.

Photo Courtesy: Ankita Kumar

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