TheVibe is a video-first, digital publisher for creative lifestyle culture. It doubles up as a lifestyle editorial & content studio with reflections, observations, inquiries, and curations of authentic narratives, contemporary themes and tastemade experiences.


We started out as a small garage-run production outfit called Shoelace Films, where we did the regular hustle of video content solutions for corporates, brands and marketers, and were quickly left bored and uninspired by the kind of work coming our way.

We wanted to own our narrative and make marketers and brands see value in authentic and experiential storytelling, of real people, places, adventures, lifestyles and cultures, but we had to start somewhere.

Teaming up with a small crew, we independently produced a TV travel series titled Way Back Home in the year 2014. It wasn’t until the following year, when in December of 2015, we finally secured MTV INDIES as our licensed broadcaster for the span of one year. Due to a lack of financial support, we marketed the show on social media ourselves, only to discover tremendous support within a community who connected with our content in a manner that was authentic and almost spiritual. This is how TheVibe was born.

Officially launched in June of 2016, TheVibe has become a summation of creative discoveries, real people, places, lifestyles, cultures and real experiences created and curated in the form of original video programming, informed editorials, and expressive design language for the digital-first world.

Our content has been syndicated and licensed for different territories and platforms from around the world, across regions and markets, making our content design timeless and universally themed, built on a bedrock of authenticity and experience that runs through the core of all our narratives. We are known for our visual aesthetic, which cinematically brings to life the true stories of real events.

We have a vibrant community of content creators and contributors who work with us domestically and internationally, who serve to inspire our viewers at large to #FeelTrue. We think of ourselves as a mouthpiece for the underdog with great potential, with a big sense of meaningful discovery that translates to audiences. We have also been successful in partnering with brands and marketers who want to position themselves from the lens of lifestyle, by enforcing their presence in our stories in the form of branded content.

In our journey forward, we intend to foster, amplify, and chronicle evolving lifestyle cultures that are inspired and driven by values of a purpose-driven community. We want them to be our voice and translate our content in the form of real-life experiences, in order to make a significant impact on-ground for aspirants who are eager to learn and adapt to any lifestyle activity.


Asad Abid

As the Founder of TheVibe, Asad has been at the forefront of creating original, authentic and experiential non-fiction content produced in India.

At TheVibe, he has published over 10 original content franchises till date, even as it fosters a platform that has hundreds of national and global creative contributors and talents. He has worked closely with global brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Uber, NBA, Wells Fargo, Fairfax, Castrol and Samsonite among others,  to provide content solutions and execute some of India’s best award-winning campaigns in the video content category.
As creator and executive producer of multiple, original docu-series and features with contemporary lifestyle takeovers at TheVibe, he has further licensed and syndicated these titles to content markets in China, Canada, USA, UK and other Asia-Pacific territories via OTT platforms and studios. He’s currently producing a slate of docu-features for a global market reach with dynamic and universally relatable themes.

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Suveer Bajaj

As a Co-Founder of TheVibe, Suveer’s responsibilities include spearheading the Legal and Business segments of the organisation. 

Suveer has been actively building the organisation through Strategic Alliances, Partnerships and Corporate Development initiatives.

A management graduate from Mumbai University, Suveer also possesses a degree in Law and spends his free time underwater or skiing the mountains. He is also the cofounder of Foxymoron — one of India’s premiere digital marketing agencies. As a Co-Founder of FoxyMoron, Suveer’s responsibilities include spearheading the high growth & investment verticals of the organisation such as the Media Practice, Data Analytics & Long Format Content Production.

Suveer was part of the 40 Under Forty List 2018 by IMPACT magazine

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Kartik Rao

As the Co-Founder of TheVibe, Kartik has been developing the voice for the brand, while heading its Editorial and Publishing team.

He has also been instrumental in the programming of authentic narratives and stories, and their contextual storytelling across digital mediums.
Together with his team, Kartik has crafted and executed several successful award-winning branded content and digital campaigns for brands such as NBA, Uber, Mercedes-Benz, to name a few. He has also been at the helm of developing community partnerships and liaising between brands, agencies and content creators to create a new-media ecosystem where they may engage at large.Kartik’s previous startup ventures include cofounding and heading the editorial as the Executive Editor of Avant Garde Life — South India’s first ultra-luxury lifestyle magazine, and hydroGen — Hyderabad’s first English-language youth magazine, which was later acquired by Social Media India Pvt Ltd. He has also worked as part of the Editorial team at Deccan Chronicle newspaper.

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Awards and Accolades

˚Silver Winner in the
Best Branded Content of the Year category
for Hoop Nation at the
Promax India’s Digital Re-Invent 2020 Awards.

˚Gold Winner in the
Best Brand Integration category for
Rushes at the
VDNXT Awards 2019.

˚Best Water Sports Film in the
Water Sports Film category for
Home Waters at the
IMF Mountain Film Festival 2019.

˚Best Snow Sports Film in the
Snow Sports Film category for
Curry Pow at the
IMF Mountain Film Festival 2017.

Media Mentions