An ancient Amazonian plant-based healing technique called the Ayahuasca may hold the secrets to the human purpose of life. We got chatty with Nikhil Jaykar, the founder of Spirit Travels — a curated travel company, which is all set to take Indians through Peru to discover this 5,000-years- old Shamanic practice for the very first time. Here are excerpts from a very revealing conversation.

“Mother came calling.” A friend who had gone on an ayahuasca trip to South America a few years ago had announced as he referred recalling the revered “plant”. His experience with the strange occult practice of brewing endemic medicinal plants by traditional South-American shamans (witch-doctors for the uninitiated) was life-changing. As promised, he was delivered to an elevated state of consciousness, and he vehemently left believing his life had a deeper purpose. Curious, but relegated to faint memories, the topic would surface once more, when I came across Nikhil Jaykar and Tida, two homegrown travel curators who were planning on taking searching Indians on this life-changing journey through Peru.

” Mother came calling.”

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