Void Within Four Walls: An Isolation Photoessay by TheDannyGuy

A commentary on loneliness, isolation and vulnerability in the age of Covid-19, nude photographer TheDannyGuy returns with his latest series, Void Within Four Walls. A self-portrait series that captures the uncertainty and longing of our times, Danny expresses his emotions through the contours and shades of the human form.

“I see people talk about loneliness and vulnerability in negative terms. They say it’s bad for your health, but I find them to be an important element to my photo work.” Danny says, “So, instead of considering those things as negative terms, we can embrace loneliness and vulnerability or whatever flaws we have. We must create art using them. They can fuel your creativity. This is what I want to convey.”

“When this pandemic started, I thought it’d get over in a month. Days passed by and here we are, at the end of the fifth month and hope seems a distant dream now.” Danny says, “I just kept looking out of the window, the plant in my balcony and the four walls, unsure about the next time I’m going to touch someone, hug my friends or dance together,”

“Some people talk to themselves when they are alone, I found a fictional nonliving thing as my companion.”

Meant to liberate, transform, and comfort, the very essence of nudism in art juxtaposes our modern, societally-propagated discomfort with our bodies against the pure, unadulterated human form. However, while Photoshop and filter-riddled visuals of unrealistic lifestyles and silicone-laden bodies rule our feeds, Danny’s honest, confessional style has been branded unsuitable for viewing audiences, with his page having been permanently banned by Instagram twice over.

“It is high time people realise the naked body is not something to be ashamed of.” Danny says, “When it comes to art, we have to be very bold and brave regarding our creations.”

“The lonely ones become lonelier.”

All images and media used in this article are courtesy of TheDannyGuy and belong rightfully to their original owners.

©️ 2020 Gut and Flow Media Pvt. Ltd.

All the brilliant humans that made this happen

Anchal Goil


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