Alpha, Omega, Kalizma: Meet the Empress of Sea

There are yachts, there are experiences, then there is the Kalizma.

They tell you that life is to be lived for those simple joys. That the little things are what matter; a dinner with your family and friends, a walk on the beach with that special someone or even just falling asleep under a starlit sky. You know what? They’re right. But who said those good things couldn’t be made better?

That meal with your family and friends? What if it was a meal of fish you caught yourself at the edge of a beautiful coral reef? Your walk on the beach was magical, because it was across shimmering white sands, gazing at a sky that seemed it had been painted on – just for you. And as for those starlit skies? Trust us when we say they’re even better when you’re being rocked to sleep by the ocean, on the deck of a piece of ocean luxury history.

This is what The Kalizma offers each and every one of her guests. This, and so much more.

She’s docked at Marina Wharf, in the heart of Seychelles, and piloted by a dedicated crew. The journey of a lifetime, should you choose to accept it, begins there. You make yourself at home, and before you know it the sun is about to set. You could jetski your way around Eden Island and have a meal on the Eden Marina Boardwalk.

Dive into the crystal clear waters around St. Annes rock; snorkelling will take on whole new meaning. Or perhaps you’d like to get your heart racing a little, and take on the variety of water sports that are available on The Kalizma. You emerge from the ocean, to find a dinner under the stars all set up for you.

The Kalizma’s reach far extends past the water. Take in the sights and sounds of Victoria, the capital on the island of Mahe. Its curio shops and historical monuments impeccably preserved for generations ahead.

All of this and we’ve just scratched the surface of what The Kalizma has on offer. There are yachts, there are experiences, and then there’s the Kalizma.

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