Commute: Exploring the Man-Machine Relationship

Right from the beginning of time, man has always shared a special relationship with whatever he commutes on, be it his own limbs or animals in the primitive era, motor vehicles in recent times or technology in the future. With a passion-fuelled desire to journey, Commute — the series, aims to shed light on few  enthusiasts who have gone on to explore their undying passion for motor vehicles.

In season 1, we look at young motor-heads across the country who have been quietly living their dream of building their own machines, far away from the fanfare. Their only pay off — to build their own machines, and enjoy these marvels on road. Here we discover the great extents to which these free riders maintain their rides, and their motivations behind choosing this lifestyle.

Deven Khatri souped up his mom’s rusting, old Corsa, which was relegated to their car shed. He reveals that the best offer they had on the table for the beat-up car was just INR 50,000. This was enough for Deven to take matters into his own hands as revealed in the first episode of our original series COMMUTE titled ‘TATA BOOM BOOM’.

He laboured over the car for over 16-and-a-half months to turn around the car into a tarmac rally car. Deven had picked up the requisite skills in college. The grease monkey soon found his way to other workshops to wrap up his dream project.

Over time, he built the body and changed the fabrication of the roll cage, pushing back the B-pillar. The whole front body got a makeover with a fibreglass cowl, the rear fenders were swapped with fibreglass as well. To top it all, Deven and his brother took off a week to paint the car themselves.

Deven reveals that the best high he ever got was building his own car. While others swear by picking the most luxurious vehicles to commute, others like Deven spend their hours building the machine they feel best to ride.

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