Creative Activism: Discovering ‘Arvitists’ of Instagram

Hearts break and souls hurt when we encounter people who have been robbed of the basic dignities of life. Unfortunately, this is not the only issue that the world is grappling with. The sad reality is that crying and wallowing with self-pity does not make much difference but, when you raise your voice towards activism, it can bring huge changes.

That is what the youth does. Our country has a long history of youth-led movements that brought about significant social change. Young people have advocated for child labour laws, voting rights, civil rights, school desegregation, immigration reform and LGBTQ rights. 

Source: Timesofindia,.com

That is mainly because young people often have the desire, energy and idealism to do something about the injustice they see in the world, we are powerful change agents. Through our actions, the world has changed.

The latest trend of using satirical illustrations and raising your voice through art or ‘artivism’ is a part of these ongoing youth movements towards a better life and a better world. It is the point where justice meets art to form a change.

This listicle comprises of some such artivists, who are using their creative streak of visual illustrations to make this world a better place for us and our future generations to live in: –

Known for his dark political cartoons, Mir Sohail’s oeuvre has the significant capability of shaking an individual.

Source: @Mirsuhail

His provocative art forms blatantly talk about human rights violations, cultural imperialism, environmental issues, and many more ‘hot-button’ topics.

All of his most popular pieces earned him online accolades and of course, a flurry of abuses- but that doesn’t stop him. In fact, the same proves that his contribution is to affect people.

This storyteller, social documentarian, and activist bestride the real and virtual world nonchalantly. A 57-year-old artivist who finds one reason or the other to keep trending on social media platforms.

Source: @Orijitzen

His statement ”I am Hindu, upper-caste, educated and a man – I have all possible safeguards a person in India can have. If I don’t speak out, who will?” has been printed on the heart and mind of people who love what he does. He is pretty vocal and blunt about all issues that our country faces.

This digital artist is making waves with her body of work within and across borders. She started producing feminine graphics as ‘catharsis’ and today it has transcended the boundaries of her nation when it comes to recognition and resonation of her work form.

Her main messaging through her undeniably hard-hitting artistic work speaks about sexual harassment, restricted independence, the pressure to marry, and other related problems of being born as a ‘female’.

Source: @Shehzilm

An illustrator and graphic designer who uses her creativity to explore different themes of gender, sexuality, and keen observations on the status quo. Her body of work overtly challenges gender stereotypes.

She has an opinion that the male-dominated visual imagery of Hindu Aryan savarna (class) is wrongly used by the ruling political party of our nation to sabotage and marginalized religious caste minorities. Her artistic chop is visible in the most authentic way with the image shared. Isn’t it?

Source: @Kruttika

Equality Labs is a South-Asian progressive organization that uses collective expressions of many artists to fight against Islamophobia, caste apartheid, and religious intolerance.

Source: @Equalitylabs

They have a membership that includes Dalits, Muslims, Buddhists, Bahujan (caste-oppressed communities) who move together to eradicate long-standing white supremacy and anti-black beliefs.

An individual who has strived hard to break the dominant monopoly of progressive leftist in the fields of art, music, and much more is a person named Vishy.
His official Instagram account runs with the title official_arkraftervishy. Highlighting hypocrisy on trending topics is the core of his artwork. He has sketched cartoons ranging from saving temples to Gaauraksha. 

Source: official_artkraftervishy

One of his most popular talked about and the controversial post was about secularism flowing only in one direction in India. It emphasized the decision of the Vaishno Devi Shrine Board to organize Iftari for Muslims and highlighted the fact that there is rarely any reciprocation from other communities. another trending piece speaks about the levels of ‘Gandhi-Giri’ and that took the crown!

If ‘peaceful sarcasm’ becomes a subject, then the Instagram account of Illustrious_creates would have been the perfect textbook to learn the same. A female activist who keeps her identity hidden to explicitly display wonderful illustrations that keep calm but speak satire all over. 

Her artistic expressions through cartoons are adorable. They speak about daily lives and it resonates with us ‘common folks’. One of the most recent and attractive illustrations of this artivist is the pigeon using cuss word, describing the mental status of every human nowadays. Her art is easy going but leaves a very deep impact on the viewer.

Source: @Illustrious_creates

Tina Sulejmani uses the amazing aesthetic components of psychedelic art and combines it with a strong message to be able to bring a change along side with activism in the air.

Source: @tina_artworks

Her work is laced with equality, the importance of the body and using the same in art along with displaying the importance of unconditional love and other essential topics with the help of customizable art and paintings.

Smish Designs works on various different tangents and issues being faced by the country. She covers the trending issues to represent how the country feels about it with her creative talents, including the current issue about the Hathras rape case.

Source: @Smishdesigns

She also displays the sufferings of the people around the globe and how the wave of activism is really needed for all of us to fight as well as survive together!

The entire generation is suffering at the hands of our leaders and the need of the hour is to fight back.

As 2020 walks towards its later half, the smell of activism seems to be returning slowly with EIA, Nepotism cases, Drug cases as well as ‘Rail Roko’ farmer’s act. The Vibe salutes the artivists who use their creative talents to participate in the greatest struggle of all times- to bring change to the world and to make sure that it is safe, acceptable as well as more open to equality not just for us, but for our future generations.

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