Delectable Deliveries: DIY Pizza Boxes by Baked By K

The outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus has seen countries as a whole locked away, sequestered into their homes to shield themselves from the rapidly spreading virus. Around the world, people find themselves looking inward, turning their gaze away from the world outside. What they found there, is the truest testament to human perseverance in the era of Covid-19. From self-styled bakers to amateur chefs, and from Dalgona Coffee to Sourdough bread, it seems every other person has embraced the warmth and solace of being in the kitchen.

But what about those of us whose creations err on the side of the inedible, and the much-afeared un-Instagram worthy? Kanika Singh of Baked by K offers a pretty solution, all wrapped in a bow, and with all the goodness of a home-cooked meal, packed with restaurant-worthy flavours; The widely celebrated, DIY Pizza Box.


“I grew up loving being in the kitchen,” Kanika says, “I’ve always loved baking, and cooking savoury things.”

Having grown up in Mumbai, Kanika admits she was never the most academically inclined, but found a sense of belonging in the kitchen. “Being in the kitchen is therapeutic, I deal with a lot of anxiety, and being in the kitchen calms me down.” Kanika explains, “When I’m in the kitchen, I don’t know how many hours have passed. I love feeding people.”

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Having worked and trained briefly under the likes of Le 15’s  Pooja Dhingra , Tribesman and Chef Kelvin Cheung of TheVibe Original Series Chefs Eat Out, and the widely acclaimed inventor of the Cronut, French-American pastry Chef Dominique Ansel, Kanika soon learned that working in a professional kitchen was tedious, and didn’t allow much room for personal creativity. With all of this experience under her belt, Baked by K was founded a year and a half ago, with the aim of elevating simple, much-beloved pastries and baked goods, with Kanika’s own personal flair.

Inspired by Dominique Ansel, Kanika admits her educational background in the realm of the Arts played a huge role in her culinary success. “I was always an arts student, and so my work was always on the prettier side.”

°DIY Pizza Boxes

While the growing atmosphere of uncertainty surrounding the deadly Covid-19 has seen a massive drop in delivery trends, Baked by K has witnessed more orders than ever before over the last few months of lockdown. When prodded on this unusual phenomenon, Kanika reveals that she owes this success to her DIY Pizza Boxes, which offer all of the therapeutic goodness of a home-cooked meal, with restaurant-quality flavours.


“People love cooking, but a lot of them are averse to the kitchen,” Kanika explains. “I thought this DIY style of deliveries would help make the experience more fun for people.”

Assembled, prepped and packaged by Kanika herself, Baked by K’s Pizza Boxes are prepared following WHO safety protocols, and are handled end to end by the chef herself.


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Each box includes:

  • 2 8inch pizza dough balls
  • Tomato vodka sauce/a creamy truffle mushroom rosemary sauce
  • Mozzarella or Dutch Gouda cheese.
  • Rosemary infused chilly garlic oil


  • Step One: Use a generous amount of flour while rolling out the dough and let it rest for 20 min before adding the sauce and cheese to it.
  • Step Two: Once assembled, put it into a preheated oven for around 15 min at 190° C.
  • Step Three: Enjoy!

A raging success across the city, Baked by K plans to expand their DIY menu in the future to include more savoury treats for all of us stuck at home with not a culinarily inclined bone in our bodies. We at TheVibe applaud the young entrepreneur for her creativity and passion, and can’t wait to see what she brings to the table next!

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Place your orders for Kanika’s DIY Pizza boxes now! DM at @BakedbyKOfficial or call/text/Whatsapp at +91 98191 12475

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