Rendezvous with Emancipator: Meet the Artiste

With the advent of alternative music gaining momentum in the Indian market, the commercial room to introduce newer global music is increasing. As curators of niche artists from all over the world, TheVibe explores an eclectic mix of artists from different genres and origins, establishing a central space for all kinds of quality music. In furthering our aim of creating a platform of all things cool, new and unique, TheVibe, along with Krunk, explored new-age artists.

Krunk is an event and artist management company founded in 2009 and an influencer of alternative sounds in the Indian music scene. Founder/Director Sohail Arora works with the mission to promote alternative sounds in the country, in a place dominated by Bollywood and EDM and push future cutting edge sound.” Krunk attempts to engage the small but growing number of alternative music lovers in India by offering upcoming niche artists a stage. “The focus on live electronic music is a big culture in India- people go out for concerts and watch live shows and DJs,” said Arora. In the pursuit of handpicking artists, influencers and curators, we explored the music of one such popular artist- Emancipator.

Douglas Appling known by his stage name ‘Emancipator’ is a Portland-based DJ and producer. Along with his recording partner and violinist Ilya Goldberg from Russia, he debuted his new album, Baralku, in Mumbai on November 2017.

‘We have some incredible hosts and our first time in India has been amazing,’ said Ilya. ‘I’m enjoying the food and culture.’ Created 15 years ago, Emancipator’s journey has transitioned from just creating hip-hop beats to releasing full-fledged albums. After releasing his first instrumental album in 2006, he started touring two years later. Ilya Goldberg joined him in 2010. For their recent debut in Mumbai, India, the duo performed a live set that rocked their audience. ‘Its been nothing short of an amazing experience and I can call Doug one of my best friends.’ said Ilya. ‘We span uncharted territories around the world and find great adventures together.’

Known for creating tracks influenced by classical music, world music, jazz, and rock, listening to Emancipator is an experience on its own. As the first instrument, Doug learnt, the violin is an important element of many of his compositions. Raised in a family of music lovers, he owes his penchant for instruments and percussive sounds to his parents. “The first instrument I played was a mountain dulcimer, which my father used to build,” said Doug. Influenced by instrumental and hip-hop artists such as Bonobo, Doug prefers listening to eclectic future mid-tempo hip-hop.

Already in the works since 2015, Baralku is their freshest and most exciting album. “It is one of my strongest efforts till date,” said Doug. “The title track Baralku is a personal favourite. The debut treated fans with a mix of new songs, old songs, and remixes. “The vibe will be a little less chill and a more elevated dancy vibe,” said Doug. Good melodies, good beats, good vibes.”  Owing to their fame, they are globetrotters who love travelling and just sharing their music in different places. After Mumbai, they performed in Bangalore before flying to China for another set of gigs. With a show planned in Colorado, the United States on January 1st, they are set for a national tour in February 2018.

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