Expedition Earth: SUV Around the World

Expedition Earth revolves around Topher Richwhite and Bridget Thackwray, two individuals originating from New Zealand, who have bravely ventured on a scintillating journey across seven continents in the past three years. They have committed to travelling within their own vehicle thus, often succumb to taking ferries across to their next destination so as to be able to transport it with them. Having covered 350,000 kilometers in their Jeep Wrangler named Gunther, they have inspired modern audiences to divulge within, and relish, myriad spectacles across the globe.

Whilst embarking on these appealing quests, Expedition Earth tirelessly aims to enhance discussions promoting environmental issues, coupled with working alongside organisations (some of which are Game Rangers International, Cheetah Conservation Fund, Dian Fussey Gorilla Fund,  and Grevy’s Zebra Trust) which strive to resolve them. They’ve delivered insightful talks across the world, inclusive of destinations such as London, Singapore, and Hong Kong, in addition to having their quests continually showcased by National Geographic Travel and National Geographic Expeditions.

Sprawls of luscious greenery, native flora, crystalline waters and mountain peaks laden with snowfall greeted the travelers within the first leg of their journey, in 2018, where they ventured across North America and South America. Through the whites of the chilly Antarctic Peninsula, to the harsh browns of the Atacama Desert, Expedition Earth depicted a travelers paradise across Bolivia, Peru, Galapagos, Mexico, and several beauteous destinations.

°Antartic Peninsula

As part of Topher and bridget’s escapade across North America and South America, they bravenly embraced the inhumane temperatures within the Antarctic Peninsula; their journey consisted of brethatking vistas, floating glaciers, terrians coated in the dreary white of ice, and inviting colonies of penguins.

°Bolivia, South America

Home to rocky terrain spanning across the Andes Mountains and the Atacama Desert, the pair transported Gunther into Bolivia via a ferry, following which they campaigned across notable locations amongst which were the Death Road, Atacama Desert, and the Tree Rock.

Salar de Uyuni Salt Flats, Bolivia
Ferry into Bolivia

°Chile and Colombia, South America

Countries bordering coastlines, seas and oceans, Chile and Colombia offered a varied display of desert climates and awe-inspiring mountaineous regions across the Tatacao Desert (Colombia), and the Mano Del Desierto and the Torres Del Paine regions in Chile.

Mano Del Desierto, Chile
Torres Del Paine, Chile

°Peru, South America

Peru is laced with archaelogical sites, landmarks of the ancient Incan city, and havens of greenery due to the Amazon Forest it partly houses. During their time in Peru, Topher and Bridget visited the Red Beach, the Peru Mountains, and the fawned upon Machu Picchu- one of the remarkable new Seven Wonders of the World, alongside various other exhilarating spectacles.

Peru Mountains
Machu Picchu, Peru
Cusco Area, Peru

°Ecuador, Mexico, and the Galapagos Islands

Volcanoes, perilous staircases, and crystalline pools glistening as if a thousand diamonds were embedded onto the surface greeted the couple in Mexico, Ecuador, and the Galapagos Islands. Destinations of scenery and serenity, the activities were inevitably plentiful.

Inside a Volcanic Chamber, Galapagos
Cenote, Mexico

°Africa and Europe, 2019

Within the following year, as part of the second leg of their global escapade, Expedition Earth depicted a miscellaneous adventure of heritage, native lands, and culture at its zenith within Africa and Europe. Bosting some of of the world’s most admirable fineries, of which the Gothard Pass, Faroe Islands, the Eiffel Tower, and the Tower Bridge remained awe-inspiring stops, Europe proved to be a spectrum of opulence and architecture, whilst Africa showered Bridget and Topher with the colours of culture and livelihood.

°Egypt, Ethiopia, and Namibia, Africa

Beginning with Egypt, Ethiopia, and Namibia, the rich culture and infamous history of the locations were undoubtedly enhanced by the natural beauty of their vistas; the sands, pools, and places of worship uplifted the Expedition Earth experience.

Abuna Yemata Guh Church, Ethiopia
Abu Simbel Temples, Egypt
Danakil Depression, Ethiopia

°Kenya and Mozambique, Africa

Infamous for their reigning grasslands and indigenous tribes, Kenya and Mozambique were captivating destinations of inhabitants to Topher and Bridget; the Sundowners and River Tribes of Kenya were indulgent, inviting and lively, whilst Mozambique’s Death Islands appeared impeccable amidst the blue blanketing them.

Death Islands, Mozambique
River Tribe, Kenya
Pools, Kenya

°England and France, Europe

During their time in Europe, Expedition Earth undoubtedly covered two of the most visited landmarks within the world- the Eiffel Tower and the Tower Bridge. Amidst the liveliness of these cities, Bridget and Topher were able to divulge within the diversity, architectural artistry, and excellent virtuosity portrayed.

Arc de Triomphe, Paris
Tower Bridge, London
Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

°Slovenia, Germany, and Switzerland, Europe

Destinations of scintillating vistas, Topher and Bridget relished the sprawls of greenery and continual roads from one location to another as they toured Gunther across Europe. Laced with adrenaline and diligence, the journey was rewarding as it was beauteous.

Bavaria, Germany
Gothard Pass, Switzerland

°Norway and Iceland, Europe

The extremities of the snow cladden destinations, such as the Lofoten Islands within Norway, posed a stark contrast to the volcanic regions of Iceland.

Lofoten Islands, Norway
Volcano Little One, Iceland
Volcano Small Apple, Iceland

°Turkey, Europe

A Mediterranean destination tinted with Middle Eastern hues, the couple romanticised the offerings of the Turkish culture and the many adventures it provided.

Open Air Caves, Cappadocia, Turkey
Cappadocia, Turkey
Tuz Golu, Turkey


Topher and Bridget were halted midway through their journey across Russia and Siberia due to the many tribulations posed by the raging coronavirus. However, their stunning ventures prior to the same restrictions were boldly captured by the pair.

Yamal, Russia
Ice fishing in Yamal
Gunther and Topher, Russia
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