Exploring the Riverside Charm of Dindi

Discover the charming countryside of Dindi in this photo canvas of aerial shots taken by our contributor M.S.N. Karthik.

Our eye in the sky captures quaint roads that cut through a cover of coconut plantations and farms.

Situated on the Eastern banks of Andhra Pradesh’s biggest river Godavari, this sedentary town is surrounded by green pastures and flourishing sights at every corner.

Refreshing greens run against the river bank to throw up a feast for the eyes. There are tranquil spots to explore on the cool riverside stretch that are a special respite for the city-weary folk.

If you are the one for the road, the drive is especially memorable, as you are surrounded by green covers of pastures and farms.

The waters offer a different approach. Here a lone boat drifts along the calm banks of Godavari in search of river fish.

Local houseboats offer a memorable retreat for those seeking a river adventure.

A breathtaking aerial view of Godavari delta makes for a wonderous visual treat. The Corniga mangroves (in the picture) are the second-largest mangrove reserves in the country, after only the Sunderbans in West Bengal.

The Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary is home to the critically endangered white-backed vulture and the long-billed vulture. The reserve has over 24 species of endemic mangroves and more than 120 species of birds.

Boats dock up on the riverside before they are taken to the waters in search of the morning catch. Export-quality prawns are grown in the Konaseema delta, which is formed by Godavari.

Drive en route to Kakinada from Dindi and you will come across the native salt processing units on either side of the road.

All images used in this article are courtesy of M.S.N. Karthik.

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