Freedom is Born Between the Wheel and the Road

Do you love the rush of the open road, and exploring distant lands? If so, we have the perfect thing for you!

Imagine, for a second, that you weren’t bound by the life that you have now. Imagine that the only masters to whom you answered were the elements, and your sole companion was the motorcycle beneath you.

Sunny days are transformed into starlit nights while you travel across lush river basins and thick jungle roads on your way to some distant snow-covered mountain pass.

With every passing mile, you begin to learn as much about yourself as you do about the world. This is the appeal of cross-continent motorcycling.

It’s something you’ve always dreamt of doing? We figured as much, and TheVibe is here to help.

Meet Jay Kannaiyan of Jamming Global Adventures. Jay is a cross-continent motorcyclist of some acclaim, who has covered over 100,000 km of road on a ride from Chicago to New Delhi.

After he had completed this three-year-long expedition, he started Jammin Global – to share the benefit of these and other adventures with people around the world.

You could join Jay and Jamming Global on epic journeys through the Himalayas, and Kenya, or even through Peru. Perhaps breezing through Sri Lanka is more your style.

You’ll travel through the amazing places that the rest of the world will, tragically, only ever fly over. If you’re hoping to gain a unique perspective of the world, Jamming Global is for you.

Trust us, these are the experiences of a lifetime.

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