Humans of Food: MB’s Mancave with Manish Bhatia

India, the ‘golden bird’ of history, has been known as the country which represents the true meaning of diversity and stands as the true embodiment of democracy for the longest time. Whether it is food, drinks, religion, customs, cultures, traditions, languages, art, literature or science, our country has always displayed the ability to co-exist while keeping uniqueness and individualism alive.

Welcome to TheVibe’s Humans of Food, a series in which we bring you authentic stories of people, cultures, places and thoughts, as told through the medium of food, drinks and those who would make and consume it.

Meet Manish Bhatia, A digital marketing expert and the face of the brain behind ‘MB’s Mancave’. With over 90k subscribers and a true passion for alcohol, Mr Bhatia has left his mark on YouTube with his relatable content, knowledge-laden reviews and natural sense of humour.

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°The Journey

“From the very beginning, I have been a curious soul. Whenever I would watch a tv show or read a book etc., I would always go the extra mile and try to find out more about whatever I fancied and alcohol was always one of the things I liked and was passionate about. Once, I got into it, I found out more about the same and realized that this is actually an art. I also explored the study behind this and learned more as I divulged into the same. That is where it all started” Manish explained.

“Another reason for choosing this was the fact that there was also a big gap and there was a communication deficit between the people when it came to alcohol- nobody talks about it and I thought I could change that as well as be the bridge between the market and the community.” He further added.

Source: mbs.mancave

Manish faced a lot of hardships with his channel in the very beginning of his initiative, “When I started off, it took quite some time for the channel to really carry on but then again, the key is to not lose hope because that’s basically how a YouTube journey is. It has its ups and downs and takes time.”

He further talks about how this journey can be tough but also a very good learning experience, “The videos that I put up in the very beginning were not that great and if I could now, I would go back and change them because the thing is that you grow, learn and develop with time.”

Source: @mbs.mancave

He also believes that it is the little signs and things that matter, “Sometimes I used to sit and wonder why I am even doing this and whether I should just stop because I hardly had 15-20 viewers but then I realized that the lot that watched them actually likes them and that motivated me to carry on.”

Manish suggests that to get through this testing time, “you should stay close to the people who give you strength and stay away from people who remind you of your weaknesses because in the end, if you believe in yourself, stick by your own self and continue to practice what you do, you are bound to succeed.”

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°Mb’s Mancave

Founded in June 2019, MB’s Mancave was started with the main idea and motive of creating a generation of smart drinkers. The matter of the fact is that alcohol isn’t just a means of getting intoxicated, it is a beautiful art which has its own secrets and history. The channel is all about these secrets, knowledge and some amazing new cocktail recipes that you absolutely have to try.

Source: @mbs.mancave

Manish says, “We all like drinking, whether it is us or the owner of a Fortune 500 company. The idea behind my channel was to educate people about all things related to alcohol and to create a smart community who views their passion for alcohol as an art and not let it dominate their lives. I always try to blend in my natural sense of humour to make the content more interactive and relatable for people and enhance the effect that it has on them.”

The term, ‘The Mancave’ describes a space where you have time for yourself, an area that is designed to the man, only. Every man wants a place like this that is their own, a place where they can sit, kick back, relax and just be themselves or follow their hobbies.

“The name just instantly made perfect sense, I wanted to create a space where people can relax, be themselves, follow their passion for alcohol and learn as they watch. A place where people could leave all the stigmas and negative issues related to alcohol behind as they dive into the world of knowledge, happiness and positivity.”

In October 2019 the channel gained massive amounts of popularity and was recognised by YouTube and was put up under the segment ‘Creators on the rise’.

While taken over by nostalgia, Manish says, “That was it. That was the moment I knew that I was making a difference. My content on the trending page for a full day- It felt validated and that motivated me because my hard work was recognised and it felt meaningful and legit.”

With a journey of less than 1 and a half years, the well-known channel sits with the grand following of about 90k plus subscribers and there are high hopes that it would cross 1 lakh very soon.

“It has been a beautiful journey, In the starting, I used to sit around with analytics and be obsessed with checking up on my reach and over time, things have relaxed because I have learned that the magic recipe for success is that you just have to prepare and plan your videos in advance and just stick to the plan, no matter what!”

He further adds, “This channel gives me a lot of satisfaction. It is something to see that people have learned to become smart drinkers because of me. The first time you hear “your content has changed my life”- it is the most amazing gift that you could ever receive as a creator and honestly it is worth all the hard work.”

The future is visibly bright for MB’s Mancave with the channel going grand and spreading knowledge like never before and we can’t wait to sit back and feed our brain with all things liquor!


Q: What’s your favourite alcohol brand?

A: Paul John

Q: Which one’s your favourite cocktail?

A: Well, of course, old fashioned!

Q: Is there a drink that you just cannot stand?

A: I cannot stand Canadian whiskey.

Q: Beer or Vodka?

A: Definitely beer

Q: What have you been binge-watching these days?

A: I have been watching House MD, it’s amazing. Check it out if you haven’t.

Q: What is comfort food for you?

A: A dram of whiskey brings me the most comfort to be honest!

Q: Which song is on repeat in your playlist right now?

A: It’s the latest album by Maroon 5

Q: YouTube or Netflix?

A: Obviously YouTube because I associate with it in the best and most personal way possible.

Source: @mbs.mancave

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