Infinite Moves: The Indian Skateboard Culture Decoded

Skateboarding in India has been around as a leisure activity to be pursued, but in the last decade, there have been whole new support ecosystem come in place to rescue the culture making it a lifestyle for younger folks who are interested in perusing it. We at TheVibe are celebrating the same with a Skateboarding story titled – Two Shoes – which tells the story of two young boys  Shubham Surana and Karthik Jain who have taken to the lifestyle in more recent times;  streaming on 28th June.

We went a little further to explore a timeline of milestones of the culture which is constantly evolving and breaking ground.

The origins of skateboarding in India is associated with the wooden ramp built by Nick Smith in Goa back in 2003. It now has restricted access.

Girls Skate India : 12 female skateboarders, from 9 different countries embark on a skateboarding journey through India. This film captures the essence of the emerging skateboarding scene in India, and the perspectives and encounters through the eyes of female skateboarders from all over the world. In a bus, they travel with a filmer, photographer and skate yoga instructor to teach, do demos, build and empower Indian girls to take part. Read their Vice Sports article.

The skateboarding culture in India is ever involving and growing. We now have Tattva Boards founded by Spandan Banerjee. It is India’s first skateboard company that presses and makes custom boards with wood sourced from India. We also have Haul Apparel founded by Sohan Rodrigues and Sushovit Chaudhury in 2015 who first met at Play Arena Skatepark, Bangalore. They provide apparel for alternative lifestyles like skateboarding, surfing, mountain biking, etc.

About Two Shoes: We at TheVibe recognise, foster and amplify contemporary lifestyle culture and its alternative aspirations through original video content, lifestyle editorials and talent synergies. In Two Shoes we cover the rising skateboarding culture through the eyes of two teenagers in Pune, Maharashtra. Watch the teaser below.

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