Karnataka: Hotspot for All Things Beautiful

When planning a trip that involves luxury, adventure, food, culture and spiritual undertakings, Karnataka is a one-stop-shop destination. Join us in an exploration of the beauty, thrills and magic that is Karnataka.

With the renowned architecture of Hampi, a 320 km coastline in Karavali, the biodiversity in the Western Ghats and the rich grandeur of Mysore, Karnataka is an eclectic hotspot of wonder. Its rich culture, cuisine, and clothing attract global tourists in search of visual abundance, spiritual direction and historical inspiration. Its unique Southern flavour is only heightened with a cosmopolitan crowd, giving it a worldly and homely feeling. From exploring the ruins of the Vijayanagara Empire in Hampi, or prostrating before the largest monolithic statue in the world at Gomateshwara to brewing your cup of coffee in Chikmagalur, Karnataka offers it all.

With the Karnataka Tourism Ministry’s boost in adventure sports and outdoor initiatives, the state promises an increasing scope for thrill-seekers. By officially proclaiming 2017 as the ‘year of the wild’ the tourism ministry, with the forest department, is tapping into its resources by building eco trekking routes and lodges in the Western Ghats for hikers.

In their effort to expand their popular wildlife tourism activities, experiences such as motorcycling in Hampi, aero sports in Mysore and surfing in Mangalore are gaining momentum. In this pursuit, novices, expert adventure athletes and seasoned travellers can find varying levels of action to engage in.

The luxurious pursuit in Karnataka is as rewarding the raw adventurous thrill. The Golden Chariot Luxury Train, a journey that promises royalty treatment is one such attraction. With high-end resorts and nature lodges, Karnataka allows for a relaxing trip made special with rich cultural performances such as the Yakshagana and soul-filling chanting at the Bylekuppe Monastries. This richness also translates into the mouthwatering cuisine of the state, a mélange of worldly influences, said to be the oldest surviving cuisine of India. With delicacies such as Korri Gassi (Chicken Curry), Neer Dosa, Allugedda (potato dish) and the infamous Mysore Masala Dosa, the palate is always satisfied. The natural bounty combined with thrilling sports now makes Karnataka the ideal nature-based vacation. When planning a trip that allows for adventure, luxury, food, history, culture, and spiritual undertakings, Karnataka ranks high.

While the state has pleasant weather year-round, the best time to visit is between November and April. Connected well by air, road and trains, its attractions are easily accessible domestically and internationally.

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