Kite Festivals: Sankranthi from India

Kiting has been a part of our culture for a really long time. Here is #TheVibe taking you through the different kite festivals of India.

There is an unmatched joy in waking up to a sky filled with kites. Every region in India celebrates Makar Sankranti every year and has its own Vibe.  The kite-flying festival is massive in North India, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Telangana and Mumbai.

Here is what each experience looks like:


Every year on January 14th Gujarat celebrates one of its biggest festivals, Uttarayan – The International Kite Festival. The skies are filled with kites from dawn to way after dusk. It is celebrated all across Gujarat on Sankranthi which marks the day when winter gives way to summer and the harvest season approaches.

The International Kite Festival takes place in Ahmedabad over the Sabarmati River Bank. 5,00,000 people from all over the world come to witness this. It hosts master kite makers and flyers from Japan, Indonesia, USA, etc. Weeks before this festival the families in Ahmedabad start making kites at home.


Jodhpur, Udaipur, and Jaisalmer are very high on the spirit of kite flying. It symbolises the waking of the sleeping Gods.

Another major part of the festival is the local food like til laddus, jalebis, undhiyu and performances.


Telangana is catching up to the northern states. It celebrated its 3rd Kite Festival this year.

Sankranthi or Pongal is celebrated across 4 days in Tamil Nadu with people visiting family and friends to thank them for their support on the fourth day the harvest.

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