Lockdown Dreamscapes

In the first few months after billions of people around the world retreated into their homes because of the deadly coronavirus, nature quickly reclaimed the cities. Photos of swans and fish swimming in the clear water of the otherwise muddy canals of Venice, antelopes walking around Kolkata taking everything in, and videos of panthers testing their boundaries in cities in the south went viral. When the word “quarantine” found its way into mainstream vocabulary, nature did something phenomenal. It undid decades’ worth of damage we inflicted on the earth. A report by National Green Tribunal (NGT) states that over Rs 70 billion was allotted to clean the Ganga for two years before 2018, with no results! Miraculously, just over 2 months after the lockdown- when the factories were shut and the economy came to a standstill, Ganga’s water was to be found fit enough for drinking after decades, revealed in a research conducted by Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee! When nature pulled its magic, the Good Earth Team was inspired to create what has now become their first-ever limited edition print series called Lockdown Dreamscapes- inspired by nature’s imagined takeover of mankind’s spaces during the challenging period of lockdown.

In recent times, brands have come to understand the importance of mitigating environmental impacts and choosing sustainable practices for the long term growth of the brand as well as the planet. Respecting the local ecosystem and creating value for the local community helps not only the economy, but also the generations to come because decades of abuse on the planet has now begun to show its ugly results in every part of the world. Good Earth is an Indian luxury store that lives up to its philosophy of “stylish, sustainable and luxury” retail . Although “sustainability” has only recently become a clarion call for the ideal way of life, Good Earth has undertaken multiple initiatives over the years with regard to their conservation projects that tie into their brand philosophy of Van Vaibhav or Forest splendour, an ancient Rigveda philosophy that is rooted in our interconnectedness with nature.

Van Vaibhav - Humayun Tomb
Submerged Memories - Purana Qila

These surreal prints are immersed in nature and natural symbols, yet wander with the imagination of contemporary design. The mashup is a visual treat, a rich amalgamation of the historical symbols of architecture that we so love and cherish, and surrealism that comes to life with the penguins and the peacocks, reclaiming the cities that we transformed from jungles. These dreamscapes are born from creativity taking flight when the rest of the world was caged up, and the redemption of our concrete jungles by nature’s omnipresent, ever-growing roots. Our public places were abandoned as Covid19 ravaged communities, yet the cheerful calls of birds and animals drowned the eeriness of anticipation. 

No Polarity - Jantar Mantar
Never Stop Looking Up - Qutub Minar

These prints look inherently Indian, as Good Earth has always stuck to their Indian roots. Entwining the simplicity of luxury with Indian art, textiles and motifs, their aesthetic reflects a homegrown yet opulent feel- a brand philosophy  they are proud of.  For the past 2 decades, the core inspiration for Good Earth stems from their deep and abiding love for nature that has been reinforced in each design collection since the inception of the brand. It is hard to look at the Lockdown Dreamscapes series and not reminisce about a simpler time, when trees outnumbered traffic and exotic animals roamed the world uninhibited, in all their glory. This series is yet another collection of art that celebrates our ties with nature and gives back at the same time. 

Lockdown Dreamscapes is designed by Good Earth’s industrious design team in association with the Wildlife Trust of India and all proceeds from the sale of these limited edition prints will be contributed to Wildlife Trust of India for the wellbeing of our Van Rakshaks- the frontline forest rangers and staff that protect our forests at the cost of their lives.

Poaching and illegal cutting of trees are rampant in the shrouded and vast forests of India. To protect our natural resources and wildlife is no easy task, as many private entities and individuals make an immense profit from exploiting forests, water resources, and poaching wild animals whose homes are already endangered due to rapid urbanization. The mysterious depths of forests hold innumerous secrets and astonishing life forms. While natural symbols and motifs are a core aspect of Good Earth’s design aesthetic, the brand gives back to nature by adopting environment-friendly practices every step of the way. From using natural fabrics and dyes to adopting eco-friendly packaging options,‘Sustaining Nature’ is a deep-rooted principle. 

Good Earth also works with a range of natural dyes, which represent the colours of nature – Siyahi, Madder and Indigo. Not only does this pipe funds into the local economy, it also reduces the pressure on our already polluted rivers. Another wonderful initiative by Good Earth resulted in them creating a textile they call Mal-kha (part Mulmul, part khadi,) a soft and breathable handloom cotton fabric from Andhra Pradesh, woven from cotton grown by the small-scale farmers and spun into yarn locally, the supple fabric has a beautiful texture. This is because spinning yarn at a local level does not necessitate cotton to be baled, thus preserving the fiber’s natural softness and bounce.  The unevenly spun yarn also has good absorption for natural dyes.  

Apart from using natural supplies to create their products, Good Earth also supports various organizations that are dedicated to environmental conservation. In 2018, Good Earth partnered with social enterprise Elephant Family to help protect the magnificent Indian Elephant. Working fervently to create designs that are both visually appealing and kind on nature has been the modus operandi for the Good Earth team for decades.

If brands create a conversation around conservation, consumers will automatically follow. Good will, then, will come on its own. Nature is the ultimate inspiration, and to give back to nature and respect the balance in the environment is the right and lasting way to create anything. What originally started as a creative experiment during the challenging period of lockdown has now turned into a heartfelt, meaningful endeavor. To bring home these surreal dreamscapes that are a souvenir of both the COVID age and the endurance of nature & mankind, visit GoodEarth.in

All sale proceeds go to The Van Rakshak Project under the Wildlife Trust of India.

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