Maggi Mania: India’s Favorite 2-Minute Noodles

Looking back in the day, Maggi was literally the first ready-to-cook meal that found its way into Indian kitchens and its journey to get there has certainly been a very memorable one.

Nestle’s Maggi noodles are one of the biggest food brands in India today. It first made an appearance in India in 1983 – back then, India was a closed economy since liberalisation happened in 1991. This meant that the retail sector was largely unorganised, there was no Chinese/Italian food eaten in Indian homes either.


The most amazing fact about Maggi is that it caters to pan – Indian tastes. Which means that it is as beloved by a South Indian’s taste as much as a Punjabi’s or a Kashmiri’s. This is probably why it is now, a feeling rather than just a food item for Indians.

In fact, we are known to actually customize Maggi to meet our individual tastes which have given birth to a lot of famous styles, kinds and types of Maggi in the country.

We at TheVibe urge you to hurry over to the kitchen and make some Maggi as you read ahead and explore some of its most famous recipes and versions in India.

 °The Age of Maggi-preneurs

Priced at 12 rupees a serving, and with three generations of Indians growing up with it, Maggi was able to transcend all age and economic divides.

It spawned legions of ‘Maggi-preneurs’ who have been selling instant noodles to office-goers and college students with nothing more than a pressure stove, cheap aluminium utensils, and stainless-steel crockery and cutlery.


 °Hangout Spots Like No Other

One of the first and most popular hangout spots was the Jaipur’s Tapri restaurant, which began as a “Maggi joint”. It was started by two MBA graduates who aimed to show their creativity by serving Maggi in a dozen innovative ways and as expected, their idea boomed because we all know, a lot goes on over a piping hot bowl of Maggi!


Another very famous restaurant which experimented with Maggi and gained a lot of success was the Farzi Cafe, restaurateur Zorawar Kalra’s hugely successful venture at India’s first “food mall”, in Delhi’s suburb of Gurgaon, used to serve Maggi with foie gras and now, they serve a different kind of ‘posh Maggi’ to dazzle your tastebuds.



Another Such fabulous place to indulge yourself with Maggi would be ‘Mag N’ Cheese’ in the heart of Kamala Nagar, Delhi. If you’re in the nation’s capital and absolutely love Maggi, this is the spot for you.

They are known to make one of the cheesiest Maggis in the country along with their famous, Italian white sauce Maggi which has won a lot of hearts over the years.


Speaking of Maggi and cheese, it would be an absolute crime to skip out on the cheesiest Maggi that can be found only on the highest peaks of Massourie- ‘Laal Tibba’. This beautiful spot offers the visitors the most fabulous views along with amazing tea and the best and cheesiest Maggi ever.


A lot of places also dived deep into the power of fusion to bring out dishes that are just beyond genius. ‘Food Overload’ is a little restaurant which occupies a cosy space in Paschim Vihar and it is always bustling with students and local foodies, who come here to chill in the cafe’s serene ambience while getting hold of a bite or two. ‘Butter Chicken Maggi’ is one of the bestsellers on the cafe’s menu.  The dish has Maggi infused in spicy Indian gravy and chunks of chicken i.e., the legit traditional butter chicken that we know and love!


While we’re discussing Maggi fusion, let’s not skip over the spicy Chinese that seems to be winning hearts left and right at Billu’s Hut in Delhi.


Another great feeling is eating hot vegetable Maggi in freezing weather and such a great taste hits you in the Kanchenjunga Basecamp, Sikkim. A bowl of special masala vegetable Maggi here will not only energise you, sustain you or keep you hot, but it could also help you make cherished memories that would last you a lifetime!


Another fabulous dish can be found in all the branches of Hungry Head in Mumbai and is a proper delight to eat with a base layer as well as a fabulous filling of Maggi and loads of cheese. The cooks at Hungry Head are Maggi gods as they serve over 50 types of Maggi to make your taste-buds scream for more!

Last but not the least, we have the most fascinating dish that one could ever fathom- The ultimate beer Maggi. This exciting dish is served by Housefull Café which is located in Hudson Lane, North Delhi which is popular for its fun vibes and a fantastic menu.


Apart from these places, various famous chefs have showcased recipes to make incredible things like samosa patties stuffed with cooked Maggi, cheese and vegetables; deep-fried Maggi-cheese-vegetable fritters and, adding cooked noodles with cheese and herbs to make open toast sandwiches. There are also recipes for making things like Maggi-omelettes and vegetable soups with Maggi.

But the original Maggi has achieved cult status in India mainly because of the ease of cooking it – Maggi’s “two-minute” advertising campaign suggested just opening the pack and adding the noodles and seasoning to boiling hot water and cooking it for just two minutes and that is just how most Indians like to eat what is often described as “India’s favourite noodles”.


There are a lot more amazing places in the country which are coming up with more such innovative and creative recipes. Know any such places? Comment below to let us know!

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