Nenets of the North: Living with the Nomads

The Nenets are an indigenous people inhabiting northwestern Russia. Descendants of people inhabiting Siberia, they are reindeer pastoralists, fishermen and hunters of the tundra.

Vijesh Kumar Raju – a photographer based out of Munich, along with his friend Navak Gupta visited the Nenets as a part of their personal project to connect with the reindeer tribes of the world. They travelled to the Yamal Peninsula in Siberia, where the Nenets lived. After a gruelling 13 hour-long journey into the frozen tundra from Salekhard, they finally reached the Nenets camp.

Habited by just two families – the Vanuitos and Laptanders, the two photographers lived in the tepees with the families where they learned and documented their lifestyle.

Photo Attribution: Vijesh Kumar Raju and Navak Gupta


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