Nights at Ganesh Chaturthi: A Photoessay by Vishal Thomas

The Hindu festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is upon us, and while the usual hustle-bustle of the festivities may not be in full swing this year due to the restrictions of social distancing, TheVibe brings you a stunning photoessay by photographer Vishal Thomas aka Lunatic Clicks, whose breathtaking shots of Ganesh Chaturthi in Hyderabad in pre-pandemic times call to mind busy streets full of faithful devotees, singing praises and indulging in the sweet taste of modaks.

Join us, as we turn back time and travel to the pomp and show of Ganesh Chaturthi, through the lens of Vishal Thomas’ Canon 60D camera.

A Hindu festival celebrating the arrival of elephant-headed God, Ganesh, on his return to Earth from the heavenly abode of Kailash Parvat, alongside his mother Goddess Parvati, Ganesh Chaturthi is a festival synonymous with music, dancing, and celebration.

Spanning 10 days of festivities, the festival is characterised by the installation of clay idols of the deity invited into the homes of his devotees, before being carried away in a procession of sound and dancing, and being immersed in a nearby water body.

Small, large, and every shade of the rainbow, these idols range from the traditional to the new-age, with fusions of the typical form of the deity with that of others yielding breathtaking results.

The streets are abuzz with sounds of joy and celebration. Around the nation, bedtimes are forgotten, and children watch the spectacle from the sidelines, or dance amongst the gathering crowds.

Morning lingers upon the horizon, and the tired throng retreat to their beds. Sleep welcomes many a tired friend, as a nation bids farewell to another year of raucous festivities.

Until next year.

All images and media used in this article are courtesy of Vishal Thomas and belong rightfully to their original owners.

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