Nitish Waila: An Eye for Adventure!

The SanDisk ambassador, Nitish Waila is known for his zest for adventure and creative abilities when it comes to photography. He was the winner of NatGeoMil 2018 along with being a Red bull Illume finalist. His ability to grasp the most amazing and unique perspectives of adventure sports and passion to learn the same is what makes him so great at his job.

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He has been a “mountains guy” forever and was born on the beautiful slopes of Uttarakhand but, his family moved to the city. His father was into the paramilitary forces because of which, he’s used to moving around a lot and hence. travel slipped into his genes and made its place in his heart.

Nitish believed that his path took a while to get to but he was lucky to have made it, “I worked full-time in the IT industry in Hyderabad and initially, there were only these small weekend treks on the weekends. In 2015, I moved to Delhi for my work and then, I finally decided to take a break and went on my first Himalayan trek and there, I saw snow for the first time.”

When Nitish saw snow for the first time.

This is where and how his journey began, “After that, I finally took my first small project- ‘15 treks in 2015’ and the day I completed those 15 treks, I was sitting in the summit of my 15th trek and this was in December, somewhat near the new year. I was sitting there, eating lunch and thinking about what to do next.”

15 Treks in 2015

His project worked like magic and gave him the push he needed to go ahead, “various publications like Nat-geo picked up my story and that is what gave me the push and will. It all started from there.”
His contacts in the industry grew with time and he learned to fit in as well as shine out, “you see, the passion was always there and the journey finally started. “One thing that I have realized is that personal projects are something that will make you grow and give you a mental push to go for it. Also, this is how you establish your brand!”

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The mountains can be exceedingly dangerous and Nitish learnt this during the 15 treks project, “It was my 4th trek and I was in Sikkim for the ‘Goecha La’ trek and it was my first long trek which spanned to about 8-10 days. This trek was my first learning experience in the mountains. I was freezing inside the tent and wasn’t very well prepared. You learn a lot when you feel the harsh realities. But this also gives you that thrill, the adventurous feel and the kick. I still, am learning from the mountains as I go!”

Nitish's tent submerged under snow.

He also believes that adventure and photography, both require a lot of preparations and planning, “I prepared for a year for one picture, the super moon. This has got to be my favourite picture. It was again, a personal project- it took me a week to find that one rock which would give me the best shot and then, I framed the brilliant, Bharath Gowda in front of the moon and the results fascinated me. This is one of the fondest memories I have. This picture was in fact, how I became a Red bull Illume finalist.”

The super-moon picture with Bharath Gowda.

Nitish believes that adventure and photography both run in his blood, “I chose this life and it is very inspiring. we plan pictures and I spend time with athletes and learn more about sports which I love doing. I am very passionate about this and my life revolves around pictures.”

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He is ready for the future and has plans in place, “I am now, shifting my base to the hills, I’m learning and exploring new directions. I will be living nearby a group of athletes and learning it all is the plan- It is a long process and it will take time but I’ll get there!”

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Nitish believes strongly that this life is made for him, “Sometimes, life chooses you and the other times, you choose it- I feel like both happened in my case.
When I stepped into the mountains and the snow, it just felt like I’m coming home and then I decided this is what I want. But, there are loads of hardships with this life and I still chose to stick by it.”

Source: @nitishwaila

He suggests that to make it, one must never give up, “My suggestion to everyone is that you must find what you love to do and what makes you the happiest and once you find it, find out your niche and give into learning as you grow into it. Stick by it at all costs and you are bound to make it. Don’t think so much! Do you want it? Just do it”

Source: @nitishwaila

With his passion for thrill and adventure, his talent for photography and a zest to learn everything, Nitish Waila’s work undoubtedly captures the best of what Indian adventure sports and photography has to offer!

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