#NYE2020: Resolutions from the Lessons Learned in 2020

On the last few days of every year, we sit and think about the previous 360 days and wonder if there is something that we wish to do differently in the coming year which is when resolutions come in.

In theory, New Year’s resolutions should make your life less stressful, or at least give you the means to address things about your life you’d like to change. In reality, however, this New Year’s resolution often ends up looming over you, forming a nagging reminder that you were somehow supposed to reinvent yourself but you failed!

But, the year 2020 has been such a massive disappointment that survival was in fact, the only thing that most of us had on our minds through the year. The year was laced with economic collapse, political fractiousness, civil unrest, natural disasters and a raging pandemic that’s still spreading throughout the country.

Do you really wish to start the next year with a new resolution that you might just end up regretting for the next 365 days to come?

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Keeping the same thought in mind, TheVibe has managed to come up with a list of resolutions in lieu of the lessons learned the last year, that wouldn’t become a burden but, might just help your 2021 shine better than ever.

°Mental Health Matters!

2020 has been a very hard year for all of us. Especially for our mental health- a lot of people have had anxiety, depression and mental breakdowns this year and it’s really essential to work on that. Take 2021 in your stride and work on your mental health. Let go of all your stress and perhaps, consider going for therapy if you feel the need for it. Never shy away from asking for help when you need it!

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°Time to Boost Your Career

A lot of us ended up putting our careers on hold when everything turned over and the world was on fire because of the pandemic. The theme of the entire year was just survival and all our hopes and dreams seemed to have taken the back seat. So, this year it’s time to make up for the lost time and work harder towards achieving your dreams and developing a beautiful career for yourself. Take that step and make the most of this year.

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°Take Time Out for Yourself

If you chose to take some time out for yourself, considering that selfish is actually the most incorrect consideration in nature. It is, in fact, essential to take a step back and breathe along with relaxing oneself after this tough year. So, promise yourself that you will learn to spend time with yourself and appreciate yourself as you kick back and pull the switch on stress for good!

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°Take Change in Your Stride

Change can be the most dangerous thing as well as the most beautiful thing in the world. Whether we hate it or love it, one thing’s for sure- change is constant and it is bound to occur. Just like this year, the most unexpected change occurred that shook the world and all we did was stress and overthink about the same. One of the most essential resolutions this year should include learning to make the most of the changes that come your way and shine through it all!

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°Take That Vacation!

This year and its sudden circumstances had put everything that we ever wanted on a sudden halt. This basically means that we never went out or took the golden trip that we had been desperately saving for. We also couldn’t visit any family members or get together with many friends which is just the saddest fact ever. So, this year. . .  take that vacation that you have been craving for.

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°Building Up a Good Support System

This year has been very hard on relationships. Whether it was at home with our parents, with friends or that special someone. We have been stuck at home which makes us frustrated and that caused quite a lo of fights through the year. This year, let’s make sure that we forgive and forget as well spend time with our loved ones and make sure that we work on the relationships that really matter to us.

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°Health Is Wealth

With scary diseases popping up every week like episodes of a very dangerous TV show, it is very essential to make sure that your health is top-notch. This should be one of the most common resolutions this year, learn to be happy with what you have, accept yourself and simply work to be the best version of yourself that you can. Love yourself and give yourself the treatment that you deserve.

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°It’s Time for A Skills Upgrade

The last year has been very stagnant and boring for most of us, either we were sitting at home or eating or just working from home, it was evident that we all need to learn to deal with our boredom in a healthy way. So, this year, let’s adapt and adopt new hobbies while we add skills to our list of achievements. Want to play the guitar? Attend online classes! Learn a new language or take up gardening! Let’s work off or boredom in our own unique ways.

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Whether your year has been terrible or just abysmal, it’s important to try and end it on a positive note with positivity in your mind towards what’s coming next with new goals, dreams and visions for the future.

With this beautiful thought in mind, TheVibe wishes you a happy new year and hope that 2021 brings a basket full of fun, a bucket full of love and a big chunk of achievements for you and your loved ones!

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