Observations in Isolation: A Photoessay by Kaushal Shah

The outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus pandemic has seen the world as a whole stopped still in its tracks, with lockdowns being the theme of the hour all around the globe. This time of enforced stillness has seen many of our nation’s creative spirits ignited with a burning need to create and to translate this feeling of helplessness into their art. One such creative spirit is Cinematographer and Director of Photography, Kaushal Shah, of Netflix’s Jamtara, Amazon Prime‘s upcoming Mumbai Diaries 26/11 and more.

A time of patience, Kaushal’s work depicts a life that mimics many others, and yet, offers a vastly personal window into the mind of the artist, who, armed with his iPhone and DSLR camera, vividly captures the enchanting mundanities of a life on hold.

“I was grateful that the lockdown gave me all the time I felt I lost out on, spending with my parents and my younger brother, due to the busy schedules we occupy ourselves with.” Kaushal says.

With nowhere to go and very little to do, the lockdown offered Kaushal a chance to reflect, to introspect, and to observe.

“I started documenting my family. My younger brother playing PUBG. My mother cooking, my father watching television. Everything.”

“For me these moments were ephemeral. I was just observing and trying to absorb every moment we are in this together.” Kaushal says, “Because it won’t last.”

To be together, to be happy with each other, to be sick of each other, Kaushal’s powerful series photographs the uncertain, and the moments that fly by, and the others we can only long for.

As the lockdown began to ease, Kaushal stepped out into the world.

Brave hearts roam the streets, working to feed their families.

“The city runs us, and not the other way around.”

“We are ants, who, despite knowing that some might be stepped on, head out to get that left over food in the dish.” Kaushal says, “We know the risk.”

The city begins with all its chaos, yet the confusion remains.

All images used in this article are courtesy of Kaushal Shah.

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