Places Reopened for Tourism Domestically

Given the current uplifting on travel bans within the country, people are now welcome to explore a diversity of cultures and traditions within our own borders. This newfound freedom resuscitates the dire need to immerse oneself in myriad heritages, coupled with embarking on escapades through some of India’s most widely visited states.


It would be advised that all necessary precautions such as the usage of masks, gloves, sanitisers, alongside practising social distancing should continue to be regarded as the norm in order to assure one’s safety and wellness.

°Himachal Pradesh

The state is home to myriad vistas showcasing their uneven terrains, amongst which its hilly regions have garnered widespread attention. Himachal Pradesh’s tourism department is proud to (quite recently) have reopened its scenic destinations to travellers wishing to experience its lush greenery.

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Within the state, Kullu is bustling with various activities, natural settings and places of religion; these can currently be enjoyed at the Parvati Valley, the Great Himalayan National Park, or the Baheshawar Mahadev Temple. Manali is where the mountaintops and hills are coated with sheets of white snow, paired with rich religious locations amongst which Gulaba, Hadimba Devi Temple and the Rohtang Pass are quite popular. Moving on, the regions of Shimla presently open to visitors are the Jakhoo Hill, The Ridge, and The Shimla State Museum, whilst, Dharamshala (which is heavily influenced by the Buddhist traditions, and scattered with beauteous monasteries) showcases its Namgyal Monastery, Kangri Fort, and Nadu Valley amongst several others.


Goa calls to the wild fanatics amongst us by boasting a nightlife that is unparalleled across the country. Whilst being an undeniable destination for party-goers and hippies, it is also home to some of the country’s most enticing beaches; time spent in Goa is an escapade from the everyday tribulations of life.

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While in Goa, Fort Aguada, which is a long withstanding heritage from the Portuguese, Calangute Beach, recalled as the largest beach in Goa also titled the ‘Queen of Beaches’, and the Baga Beach are exciting spots for travellers. Moreover, the Dudhsagar Waterfalls, one of the tallest within India which consists of four remarkable tiers, is unparalleled in its allurement.


Rajasthan boasts an opulent culture, laced with a history of traditions which have long been upheld, and served to captivate travellers from all across the country and abroad. Its many palaces and fine dining venues, coupled with the performances of folklore, is a haven for those who lionise an unmatched heritage. Its tourism industry is as lucrative as it is famed across the country, inevitably highlighting the significance of the easing of travel restrictions.

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When looking to travel around Rajasthan, the city of Jaipur comprises of several withstanding monuments, coupled with historical sites and museums (City Palace, Albert Hall Museum), Udaipur consists of myriad palaces, alongside natural scenic vistas (Lake Pichola, Monsoon Palace), whilst Kota, otherwise known for its unique heritage, is home to notable floras (Jagmandir Palace, Chambal Garden).

°Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is home to the greenest city in India; it is the country’s own slice of lush greenery, paired with myriad national parks that depict India’s efforts to ensure the survival of its wildlife. The state is an obligatory visit for people looking to experience the ferociousness of our fauna, alongside lakes that sparkle as if a thousand diamonds have been embedded beneath their waves.

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In Madhya Pradesh, Van Vihar National Park, Upper Lake Bhopal, and Pachmarhi are all significant locations of rich fauna and greenery. Whereas, Khajuraho, Sanchi, Satna and Chanderi are amongst the many alluring destinations of heritage, culture and religion.


Maharashtra: a state of opulence, cultural significance, and liveliness. It’s many metropolitan cities house some of the most luxurious and happening weekend getaways across the country, whilst the state itself is home to several hill stations which broadcast their natural attractions. Perhaps the most diverse state in the country, Maharashtra offers visitors from all across a spectrum of radiance when deliberating how to best spend their time.

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Across the state, a mixture of restaurants, hotels, bars, and areas of activity have recently begun functioning once again, whilst continuing to observe mandatory social distancing policies and making effective usage of protective wear; this is particularly because cities within the state collectively provide some of the best nightlife experiences within the country and are highly prone to enhancing the risk of infection.


Karnataka attracts visitors with its fine blend of culture and religion; it houses some of the country’s most historic temples which bore witness to numerous, legendary dynasties centuries ago. It is the ideal destination for onlookers wishing to intake the glorified Indian history firsthand.

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When journeying across Karnataka, Bengaluru is home to enticing locations such as the Bangalore Palace for those wishing to divulge into more historic sites, alongside the Mysore Palace (in Mysuru), and the Madikeri Fort (in Madikeri). Nature wise, the infamous Lalbagh Garden in Bengaluru, the coffee plantations in Chikmagalur, and the Mudumalai National Park are havens to fauna and flora lovers.


Boasting sceneries of serenity and beauty alike, Uttarakhand is a nest of nature’s finest gardens, coupled with the stunning World Heritage site of the ‘Valley of Flowers’. It’s fauna and flora draw thousands of visitors each year, particularly so they may embrace the tranquillity of its natural environments, particularly Rishikesh which is littered with activities and scenic settings.

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Moreover, Uttarakhand is widely recognised for its religious pilgrimages undertaken by those believing in Hinduism; many of these pilgrimages, alongside sacred religious rites, take place by the holy river of Ganges.

°Tamil Nadu

This state has garnered heaps of affection from nature lovers due to its many hill stations which offer myriad services and adventures. Amongst these hill stations is the famous Kodaikanal nestled in the breathtaking vistas of the Western Ghats.

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Tamil Nadu offers visitors an escapade of greenery and heritage; its diverse sightseeing locations (the French Quarter and Paradise Beach) amidst lakes and its hilly regions are truly unforgettable, coupled with its myriad temples (some of which include the Bagavathi Amman Temple, Shore Temple and Brihadeeswarar Temple).

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