Love Foods: Aphrodisiac Foods for Valentine’s Day

The day of love is finally here, and TheVibe is here with a curated list of foods meant to liven up your celebrations. Enjoy these revitalising treats with plenty of rest and water, to ensure maximum effect.

This Valentine’s Day, gift your lover the gift of good food to make good love to. I know it’s a stressful time. You’re getting slammed by your boss over a mandate, or you’re missing the deadline for your dissertation. You want to be at your romantic best, in terms of both emotions and well, performance.

Food is one of the best stress relievers out there and when you combine that with something that not only improves performance but also overall vitality and vigour, it’s a big plus. Look at foods like garlic and ginseng- undeniably un-sexy, stinky and pungent- and yet, generation after generation looks to these food items for their ability to enhance sexual drive. Dr. Juhi Agarwal of Selfcare, a nutritionist based out of Mumbai, says “If you look at traditional Chinese medicine, ginseng helps with sexual drive. In Indian cooking, we use saffron which helps improve the libido, especially for people using anti-depressants. Chili Peppers are said to help improve sperm fertility. Further research has to be done to fully verify the same.”

Whether these aphrodisiacs work, I’ll leave to the professionals, or your lovers to tell. Here’s a list of foods with an aphrodisiac effect to spice things up for Valentine’s Day!


Based on urban myths, the scent of almonds has been rumoured to arouse sexual desire in both men and women. Not only are they regarded as fertility symbols, but almonds are also rich in Omega-3 fats which are essential to the production of testosterone and also in Vitamin E, magnesium and fiber. All boosters, maybe not fiber, well maybe for some.


Roasted almond ice cream with a hint of chocolate for that double effect.


The legend goes that Zeus fell in love with a beautiful girl named Cynara and took her back to Mount Olympus where she grew lonesome. She’d take secret trips back home to visit her family and when Zeus found out, he turned her into an artichoke. There’s twisted some romantic tangent to this vegetable, but while the tangent might not be the healthiest, artichokes definitely are. Ranked as the number one vegetable in terms of antioxidant properties, women in the 16th century were banned from eating them due to their ability to increase erotic energy. Now that’s a hearty joke.

PRO TIP: A nice clean salad with a healthy portion of artichokes and some lemon butter to top it off makes for a classy dinnertime treat that won’t leave you bloated, or uneasy.


Colloquially known as Rocket, arugula might not be the sexiest of foods, but it does have minerals and antioxidants that prevent damage to the human libido. Add some of this leafy green to your sandwich and make the most of the rocket in your pocket.

Add a healthy garnish to your Netflix and Chill pizza date to demonstrate your skill as both a lover and a chef!


Rich in folic acid, vitamin B9, and vitamin B6, avocadoes are a great source of energy and have all the right ingredients to boost testosterone production. Load your food with avocadoes for an added pump, and for the lonely unrequited lover, do the same and maybe hit the gym after. Another fun fact about Avocados, the Aztec word for avocado is “ahuacatl” which literally means “testicle”. Not sure why you needed to know that, but now that you do, the experience of eating it will only be heightened.

PRO TIP: Creamy avocadoes may be enjoyed with toast, a light meal that will keep you going all evening!


A Roman symbol of love heralded for its anti-inflammatory properties, basil is rich in Vitamin A, Beta Carotene, Magnesium, and Vitamin C. All healthy things.

PRO TIP: You don’t need to eat it, but you can always add it to your Mojito.

Chilli Peppers

Chilli Peppers contain the chemical capsaicin, which generates heat. Capsaicin is known to boost testosterone and increase libido. They also have the ability to release endorphins and an elevation to the heart rate due to increased body temperature. Folks, remember to put on Soul to Squeeze by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, eat some Chilli Peppers and get set to spice up that sex life.

PRO TIP: If you aren’t into spice, sprinkle a little bit on some guava ice cream for a dessert that takes you back to the streets of Mumbai


It goes without saying that chocolate is an aphrodisiac. It contains phenylethylamine – a stimulant that aids in arousal. Chocolate also contains caffeine that provides a boost in itself. On top of that, dark chocolate of at least 75% cacao, is bloody great for your heart. All in all, a winner for the heart and in the bedroom.


Pair with strawberries for a special Valentine’s treat, or go the adventurous route and smear yourself or your lover in some.


Asking someone out to a coffee is probably the safest way of getting a date. There is no stigma as such to it, and it’s a great way of getting some one-on-one time with someone that you’re interested in. It helps that caffeine is an energy booster that also elevates the mood by increasing dopamine, the stuff of desire and pleasure.


Coffee dates are often the spark that ignites true love!


Oysters are a recognised aphrodisiac – they contain a lot of zinc, which plays a part in the production of testosterone. They also contain dopamine, which is the brain chemical that increases desire. Think of oysters as cocaine- they’re both really expensive and meant for the rich, but without the stigma, the nosebleeds, or the addiction.

Pro Tip: Slurp it down with some lemon. Carry mints.


The legend goes that strawberries originated from the heart-shaped tears of the Goddess of Love herself, Aphrodite after she learned of her lover Adonis’s death. On the biological side of things, strawberries are rich in antioxidants and are loaded with Vitamin C, which is fundamental to the production of sex hormones and the increase of libido.


Chocolate, whipped cream, strawberry jam- Whatever floats your boat.


Legend has it that the Fig was the Forbidden Fruit in the Garden of Eden. Remember that? The fruit that condemned us all. Not only are they innately sexy and super suggestive but they’re rich in amino acids, iron and potassium, all known to increase stamina and reduce recovery time. However, overeating figs can result in bleeding and allergies since they generate potent heat in the body.

Pro Tip: Figs with some balsamic honey make for a strong combo. Pair them with a candlelit dinner for a date your lover will never forget!


Rich in bromelain enzyme which is essential to a man’s sex drive, this phallic fruit contains high levels of potassium, riboflavin, and Vitamin B2, all fundamental to a super athletic, non-cramping performance. Peel it off to get off.


Banana split, Sundaes, crepes- the possibilities are endless really.

Red Wine

Is there anything more romantic than a candlelit dinner with your significant other and a glass of delicious red wine? A glass of red wine is great for your heart. It is the ultimate mood setter, ice breaker and also has resveratrol which decreases inflammation and gets your blood pumping. So uncork a bottle, put on some Christopher Cross or Michael Bolton, and go full throttle.

Pro Tip: Sexy in itself, but if you’re not into drinking, you can always cook into a sauce and enjoy its nutritional properties.

TheVibe wishes you a very happy Valentine’s day.

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