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“I don’t design clothes. I design dreams.” -Ralph Lauren

Such is the case with Goa-based fashion designer Suman B. Originally having enrolled for a course in psychology, Suman ultimately discovered her calling in the world of fashion after securing an internship with Wendell Rodricks. “I am very lucky to have the parents that I do. They supported me throughout the process.” She elaborates. Under Rodricks’ mentorship, Suman B ultimately went in pursuit of her dreams from Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune.

Now a flourishing entrepreneur and the creator of luxury fashion label Lola, Suman’s journey is an inspiration for those who are at a crossroads in life and desire to pursue their passion.

“For me, I really love the transformative power of fashion as a component of one’s lifestyle,” Suman explains, acknowledging how fashion means different things to different people. “A lot of my label is inspired by where I am from, which is Goa. The first word that comes to my mind when I think about my label is ‘serene’. To me, it’s very serene, balanced and feminine.”

For the majority of her designs, Suman draws inspiration from photographs. Whether its a photo she found on a blog, a magazine or something she stumbled across while browsing childhood photo albums, it can be anything as long as it speaks to her soul in some way.

Since Lola’s inception 7 years ago, Suman admits to having a splendid experience in the industry, attributing it to meeting some very collaborative people. “So we put up our collection on Facebook and it sold out! It just kind of took off from there. We still don’t have a website.” She says, further discussing how she intends to perfect the way she caters to her client’s needs before launching an online domain.

“I always wanted to do a line in kid’s wear someday, once I understand the industry and clientele more personally. A lot of my friends have babies!” She laughs, shedding light on some potential future endeavours. “Also, bags and accessories.” She adds, although making it refreshingly clear that she firmly supports ‘slow fashion’, which is a more ethical and sustainable approach to fashion and the various kaarigars involved in the process.

Suman ascribes a part of her success to a piece of advice her best friend gave her years ago. “So that (fashion label) is your goal, but what’s your plan?” Differentiating between a ‘goal’ and a ‘plan’ is absolutely necessary, the designer elaborates, sparing a crucial piece of advice for the up and coming.

With the onset of Covid-19, the thriving industry has taken a hit as well. “I think the concept of ‘seasons’ will be now obsolete.” the designer chimes in. For her, it has become increasingly clear these past few months that fashion is all about something that resonates with you along with making you feel comfortable, especially now that majority of the population is being forced to stay indoors. There is room for a lot of introspection, according to her.

°Rapid Fire Round

Q: Favourite Designer? 

A: Sabyasachi


Q: A fashion trend you don’t like

A: Oh, there are quite a few. I think really large polka dots is not something I like. It’s a very personal choice, just doesn’t work for me.


Q: Favourite red carpet look?

A: Deepika does a fab job at Cannes every year


Q: How would you describe your work in 5 words?

A: Meticulous, high-quality, detailed, luxurious and unique.


Q: Face masks as a fashion accessory: yes or no? 

A: This is a toughie. Okay, so I just want everyone to live their life without a face mask in the future. Maybe for the time being yes, but in the long run, no.


Q: Favourite colours and fabrics to work with?

A: If you see most of my collection, it’s all dusky roses, earth tones and mauves. I also love ‘marsala’ maroon and ox-blood. Anything jewel-toned. As for fabrics, anything that is kind to your body and the environment and makes you feel really luxurious, that’s something I would stand for.

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