Six Wandering Ventures in the New Normal: TheVibe Recos

The raging pandemic has inevitably left travellers bereft of their myriad adventures by the thousands. From sipping martinis on beaches to indulging in more awe-inspiring escapades, trips have been deserted and hearts sunken. However, in light of sailing past this disastrous pandemic soon enough, elaborated upon below are a few things you must absolutely contemplate indulging in within the country and abroad.

°Brace the chilly waters at Atali Ganga, Rishikesh

The pandemic restlessly rages on currently, but it is certainly worth your time to save the date for a visit to Atali Ganga. Renowned as a yoga capital within the country and the world, Rishikesh has been an undisputed vista of serenity and scenic beauty alike and is most importantly a central destination for travellers wishing to indulge in the enthralling white water rafting activities close by. And while you’re imagining it, getting splashed in the face is (quite literally) an unmatched wake-up call.

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°Sip a drink on a beach in the Maldives

A luxurious paradise of sprawling beaches, idyllic islands and resorts, Maldives tops every traveller’s list due to its aura of tranquillity and scintillating natural beauty. The beaches remain unoccupied and the resorts bereft during present times, but perhaps once travel is permitted and the travellers abundant, the Maldives would certainly awe you with its range of offerings. Just be sure to have a glass in hand whilst soaking in the rays.

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°Float your own lamp at The Ganges River In Varanasi, India

Left harshly brazen due to the pandemic, multiple activities, whether they may be religious, academic or spiritual, have been left undone. However, you can still envision accompanying the many locals and visitors to the holy Ganges River while the sun dips low and the sky is streaked with reds and oranges, following which the people float their lanterns onto the crystalline water below, creating a beautiful dance of two elements.

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°Swing from a tree in Port Antonio, Jamaica

The seductive beauty of Jamaica has captured hearts across the globe with its rich African heritage; the country has long been home to overflowing bouts of culture laced with the raw taste of its north coast but akin to the rest of the world, its tourism destinations are suffering at the moment. Port Antonio in particular, a destination of beaches, partying, and tranquil escapades, is a slice heaven left wanton presently, but largely awaits those wishing to divulge in the country’s colours once this pandemic deserts us.

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°Glimpse a wild cat at The Bori-Satpura Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh

A fascinating place home to some of the country’s most ferocious fauna, this Wildlife Sanctuary offers visitors an unmatched, untouched resort of green haven, alongside a rare chance to view the unparalleled wildlife of the country. For now though, the animals are resting undisturbed due to the many travel restrictions the corona virus has inevitably imposed. Nevertheless, be sure to behold the vicious beauty of a wild cat during the better times to follow.

Image credits: tourmyindia.com

°Instagram more than your home at the Balearic Islands, Spain

Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera are renowned for their luscious beaches and wild spectacles. The country itself faces a heavy lockdown as of today, except we’d continue to ask onlookers to reign in their desperation and picture a golden period of capturing the waves and the sun, wild nights of partying and deafening music, coupled with endless drinks and smokes once travel restrictions have been uplifted.

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