Coffee Spots in India To Feed the Cafephile In You!

India is considered as one of the world’s biggest coffee producer but the trend of consuming has grown immensely in the past few years with a growth rate of 5-6% every year. If there is one thing in India which has immensely grown over the past decade, then it has to be the popularity of coffee shops and cafes.


The ambience, the quality, the taste of the freshly grounded and roasted coffee beans are the reasons for success behind the fact that more and more Indians are indulged into this coffee-craze. Coffee Shops seem to be the best place to hang out in our country and are preferred by most of the people.

Coffee is one thing that almost every one of the current generations requires for starting their day. The aroma that the coffee gives out when brewed is the best and the high it gives basically helps our generation to function, survive and sustain!


Wondering where to get the best coffee in the country? TheVibe spoke to coffee lovers around the country and we have come up with an exquisite list for the coffee-lover inside you! Ready? Scroll away!


°Blue Tokai

The name Blue Tokai comes from an ancient word for’ the tail of a peacock’ –‘tokai’ – and this tail hence holds pride for the brand along with resting on the beautiful logo of the Delhi based artisanal coffee brand Blue Tokai. Faced with the lack of freshly ground good coffee and artisanal brews in Delhi, Matt and Namrata established Blue Tokai as their attempt to bring back good coffee to north India.

The company roasts coffee twice every week and sends out custom ground coffee to clients across India. To make this a standard process and an easy procedure, they have single orders and monthly subscriptions for everyone who wants to make sure their coffee bags are refilled on time!


°Mocha Art Café – Kochi

The original purpose of the building was to house the Jewish rabbis of the ‘Paradesi Synagogue’. Mocha is a multi-cuisine eatery mixed with a fabulous Art Gallery which offers the finest taste of art along with a beautiful dip towards coffee. This amazing joint is rising in fame and is all set to become Kochi’s hottest hangout spot. Especially when it comes to coffee, this is the place where you absolutely have to visit. So, the next time you’re in Kochi, hit them up for the best coffee that you’ve ever tasted!


°Sleepy Owl Coffee

This brand brought with itself, the coffee revolution. They believe that our generation needs good coffee for survival and good coffee can only be derived from good beans that are brewed to perfection. So, they came up with Sleepy owl brew bags that can rejuvenate you along with your tastebuds. These bags have all the necessary ingredients to make delicious coffee even easier to make. They also have ready-made coffee bottles and what’s even better? They have gift packs along with subscriptions that can get coffee to you at regular intervals!


°The Daily Roast Café- Goa  

For some of the finest coffee in Goa, hightail it to this chilled out and relaxing cafe. There’s lovely artwork on the walls, with books to read and board games to play. The coffee itself is simply superb, with everything from cappuccinos to sweet affogato coffee and espresso. Be sure to try the dark chocolate mint mocha if you want something sweet! This beautiful and cosy place is one of the most amazing cafes in Goa and a total must-visit!


°Subko Specialty Coffee Roasters

The fabulous roasters have a singular mission: they strive to highlight the complexity, care, and craft nature of the speciality coffee value chain, whilst creating an experience that is uniquely from the Indian Subcontinent. Their goal is simple: to create a genuinely Asian speciality coffee movement that can represent the region on a global platform in a globalised speciality coffee milieu. Subko aims to showcase our ability to roast complex, balanced, and delicious coffees grown in the region through these very blends. Each box contains 250g of speciality coffee, ground according to your preference and method of brewing which makes it all the more special.


°The Flying Squirrel

This Bengaluru-based brand was started by Tej Thammaiah, a third-generation coffee farmer, and Ashish D’Abreo, an advertising executive. The brand offers up to 11 different brews with a rotating menu of seasonal coffees. Favourite coffees include the Parama with notes of chocolate and the Sun=kissed brew. These coffees can be brought off various shops and cafes around the country and are one of the best coffees to sip on.


°Brahmin’s Coffee Bar- Bangalore

This iconic coffee bar opened in the 1960s. Now, the long line outside on a regular basis more than 50 years later pretty much tells you everything you need to know. Stripped back and basic, it’s all about coffee, chutney and a few baked goods. So, do not forget to stop by this lovely café the next time when you’re in Bangalore. Hopefully, Brahmins’ never changes and lives on for another 50 years and our amazing future generations get a taste of this yummy coffee just as we have.


°Koinonia Coffee Roasters

Koinonia’s non-descript location in one of Mumbai’s popular neighbourhoods draws in a multitude of people for their cold brews and speciality coffee. All coffees are hand-roasted and sourced from several estates in Southern India. Popular variants include the Marvahulla. They also offer a cask-aged coffee, where the beans are aged in whisky barrels and then roasted.

Source: Zomato,com

°Halli Berri Coffee

This brand is run by four women of the Kariappa family from the “House of Halli Berri” on their estate in Chikmagalur. Their coffee is sustainably farmed, handpicked, shade-grown and also Rainforest Alliance-certified for their efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. With Halli Berri, you can do more than just enjoy the coffee that comes with hints of honey-dew: the company allows you to visit their farm, learn more about their brews, all while you enjoy a stay at any of the cottages on their estate that you can book.

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°The Coffee Co India

The Coffee Co was established in 2013 by Gerson Aranha, proprietor of the parent company. It offers medium and medium-dark roasts that are light-, medium- and full-bodied under three blends: Morning Dew, Southern Estate and Rea. Besides ordering their beans to your doorstep, you can find these fine, shade-grown Arabica coffee from Chikmagalur at over 500 cafés and shops across India.


This list in no way is exhaustive- India has some very special roasters and boutique parlours which offer the best coffee roasts and artisanal coffee flavours in the country. We also have some other great cafes of all sizes that must be checked out.

If you can come across any more such diamonds in the beautiful and diverse country of India, comment below and let us know so we all could indulge the coffee addicts inside us!

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  1. You forgot to mention a authentic coffe roaster an Q grader from Auroville, pondycherry.
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