The New Normal: Holidays in Corona Times

The COVID-19 pandemic has been stressful and isolating for many people. Gatherings during the upcoming holidays can be an opportunity to reconnect with family and friends. Although, with the scary pandemic affecting people world-wide, even Santa Claus must be thinking twice before climbing down somebody’s chimney!

The reality is that hosting large parties, traveling to see friends and family, and brushing off masks and social distancing can have serious consequences that extend far outside of your own circle; majority of COVID-19 cases may be a result of asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic transmissions which aren’t traceable.


The good news however is that with some modifications, you can still spread the holiday cheer and let the holiday spirit take over you. All you need is a new perspective and a fresh approach.

So, to make this possible, TheVibe has come up with a list of things that you could do this holiday season to make it all the more special so put up your Christmas trees and get ready for this list!

°Compassion with Passion

When people are experiencing a chronic crisis, it’s exhausting, and leads to wear and tear on both body and mind. This can lead to “survival mode” in which we can become more focused on our own needs. So, for a breath of fresh air, try being a little selfless this holiday season by immersing yourself into holiday charity.


Giving doesn’t have to be monetary. Messages of gratitude can be delivered throughout this pandemic to everyone working on the front lines, including health-care professionals, teachers, delivery services including post office outlets, and all of the those working in businesses like stores, pharmacies and restaurants.

It might also be time to donate some warm amenities to the people who cannot afford it because along with being jolly, the season is also very cold.

°Modify Traditions Creatively

we are seeing so much more stress and depression and isolation these days, people have pandemic fatigue — they’re tired of the quarantine, of avoiding friends and family and while that’s understandable, it’s still the need of the hour to stay safe and stay inside

In light of the same, to safely celebrate the holidays while still making the season merry and bright, plan to modify traditions to make them safer, and make new traditions with loved ones.


Are you used to visiting your grandparents? Perhaps, videocall them and eat with them over the same. Love going out for a classic, tradition Christmas brunch? Find some glorious recipes and make it at home!

°Decorate and Let the Merry Times Begin

Christmas trees and decorations are a great distraction too therefore, when it comes to Christmas at home, you can bring the holiday season to you by spreading the joy everywhere.


Decorate the table. Set up for a grand feast, make a new table centrepiece and set up a tree. You could also build a beautiful scene of Christ’s birth under the tree and get a beautiful mistletoe up.

Also, it’s time to bring a beautiful disco ball and set up the dance floor in the living room for a splendid New Year’s Eve!

°Shopping and Gifts-Here We Come!

Think we can’t buy gifts galore and decorate like busy little elves straight through a disaster? Think again.


With the holiday season approaching, gifting is on the minds of everyone. Sadly, nearly 51% of holiday shoppers still feel anxious about shopping in-store and that’s why people are anxious and perplexed about this mess.


Luckily enough, loads of shopping websites have amazing offers going on during the festive season and it also becomes easier to directly send the gifts to your loved one’s houses even with the ongoing safety requirements.

°Accept That This Holiday Season Will Be Different

The painful face is that change is uncomfortable and hard, and we don’t always like it.


But it’s very essential to expect and accept that this holiday season is going to be different. The main reason for the same is that, if it’s not different it really won’t be safe for you and your families.

So, let’s get creative with the facts that are in front of our eyes and let’s make the most of these beautiful days that we have to spend at home!


TheVibe wishes you a very happy and merry holiday season and hope that you all make the most of everything that this beautiful season mixed with such a merry and joyous atmosphere.

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