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Passion, pain, sport and lifestyle, skateboarding has a lot to offer. Here are a few skateboarding ramps which are perfect for a skateboarder to sam at. With —  The Gnarly Company.

The moment I came across this article for my debut with TheVibe, I knew who I had an approach. I met Saba. I happened to bump into her in the streets of Dharavi in 2015, 16 then, she was such a shining sparkle. In the patriarchy that prevails where she’s brought up, she dared to pick up the board and scoot her way through the busy streets of Mumbai. “Skateboarding is just not an activity for me or a sport. It’s like my family. I adore it sometimes and I hate it too, but that’s what love is about. I can’t live without it. Its a part of me and every single time I am on the board, I feel free and the need to keep pushing. I keep getting better every single time I fall”, quotes Saba.

Skateboarding was the cool thing once that we associated with the westerners, but not anymore. In a country crazed by Cricket, Skateboarding was non-existent, but the youth is curious about this new heartthrob of a sport in the nation, finally.

Here are a few skateboarding ramps which are perfect for a skateboarder to jam at:

This is India’s first-ever free public skatepark and heaven for skateboarders. In the heart of the city, it’s run by a non-profit organisation. Holystoked works with skateboarding communities providing them tools, materials, knowledge, and inspiration so they move on to create their projects. They are way beyond the economic and strategic standards of any individual wanting to learn this sport.

India’s first-ever skatepark, this space is a big hit amongst the breeding skateboard culture. With two kidney bowls, one a 6 ft and the other a massive 12 ft, the park is any skateboarders delight. Spread out across 20,000 sq. ft. it’s apt for a beginner too and with boarders onto new tricks, it just gets better.

This one, we found very amusing. A non-profit-organisation, this skateboarding community trains the local kids to skate but on two conditions. Girls first and the no school, no skateboarding slogan. The village has kids going to school and evenings are filled with excitement where you see girls at the forefront of this sport.

Delhi’s first indoor skating park, it is equipped with ramps, accessories and uber-cool graffiti, straight out of a film set. Its has a great vibe for skateboarders to bond and jam their tricks and tips.

This is like a hidden treasure, they are tough to find. Cirrus is a clone example of how underground scenes might look like. Music, painting, skating and bonding, they provide you with all. So while you are at skateboarding, groove to their peppy numbers.

In this concrete jungle, Mumbai skateboarders have a reason to be elated.

With boarders skating in the hiding at abandoned schools and crowded bayside, BKC city park has smooth pathways and also obstacles for tricks. With the growing number in the skating community, the park is a hub for the city youth.

Here, skateboarders meet on Saturdays and Sundays and the scenes are nothing but filled with lots of skateboarding over conversations and art.

Pune has its very own community skatepark funded by the Govt. The park has been packed into an advanced level concrete bowl, located in the heart of the city.

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