The Spiti Detox: Far from the Maddening Crowds

Far away from the maddening crowds lies the beautiful region of Spiti, where wanderlust souls find refuge. Read on to find out why Spiti offers the perfect lifestyle detox for modern life.

The modern life is a distracted one. A busy one. The daily grind and rigmaroles are often exhausting and stressful. In a world where you are constantly ON, a detox from modern life is just the antidote that is needed to bring back the natural rhythm of life.

To stop, introspect and focus on the why of things. To re-discover. To travel.

The cold desert mountain valley of the Spiti Valley, hidden in the Himalayas, is one such refuge for those wandering souls looking to escape the mad city rush of the modern life. This mystical land, squeezed between India and Tibet, is one of India’s least populated regions. Surrounded by high mountainous ranges (15,000 ft), it is one of the most beautiful, awe-inspiring, soulful places to be seen.

Made for the simple, but inspired life, this surreal county is the summer home of the local sheep and goat herders, who sometimes travel long distances to graze their animals. To add to the mysticism, this region which is accessible from both Shimla and Manali, is also an important centre for research and culture of the Buddhists.

Surrounded by the mighty Himalayas in their truest, most mystical form, the wonders of Spiti won’t disappoint. The place overwhelms you with sights, sounds, and experiences, not to be found elsewhere in the world.

Take, for example, the Tabo Monastery, above the Tabo village on the left bank of the Spiti river. This seat of Buddhism was established in 996 AD. Characterised by iconographic depictions of Buddhism, you will find sculptures of Bodhisattvas, inscriptions and extensive wall texts.

Unlike other monasteries in the valley, which are perched on top of hills, this particular monastery is at the bottom of the valley. Walk through the monastery and you will be inspired by the settings and feels of the place.

Being the only monolithic structure of its kind in North India, It is rightly recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Centre.

Spiti has much to offer those riddled with wanderlust. This region has many lakes such as Chandratal Lake, for those looking for a soul refresh.

Found near the Kunzum Pass, this scenic destination is a wonder to behold. The crystal-clear waters surrounded by lush flora in the lap of snow-capped mountains make it perfect for camping and trekking. In Spiti, you will also find the mesmerising Dhankar Lake, the beauty of which cannot be described in mere words but must be felt by experiencing it.

Tucked away in the Kunzum Range at 4590 m, are the beautiful Kunzum mountain pass bridges Kullu and Lahaul Valley with Spiti Valley. An important destination, it offers spectacular vistas that can be accessed by trekking from the Chandratal Lake. The colourful Buddhist flags and the ancient Devi temple enhance the beauty of this geographical spectacle.

These sights are as majestic as they are divine. Be warned, however, embarking on these trips can be life-changing.

But the truth remains if you are looking for a detox from the humdrum of your daily existence, head to Spiti. This one trip can salvage your soul.

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