These Digitalists are Setting the New Indian Art Narrative

Art is too important to not share.

Meet the design heroes who are changing the world of advertising, pop culture, design, art and new-media through their creative expositions.

Choosing abstract, intricate, obscure, surreal and futuristic styles of art to express themselves, these artists are painting a fresh narrative with their cutting edge work.

Here’s a big shoutout!

Aaron Pinto

Aaron Pinto’s work spans illustration and graphic design. The artist who also moonlights as a drummer for two Mumbai-based bands, Providence and Gutslit, works closely with bands and musicians from the metal and indie scene, Indian and global.

Follow him on Instagram: @kidsquidy


Aniruddh Mehta who goes by the moniker of @bigfatminimalist is a graphic designer, art director and visual artist who runs an independent design studio BigFat. His mind-twisting art ranges from record art, identity design to motion art. Follow his feed for your daily creative fix.

Follow him on Instagram: @thebigfatminimalist


Furqan is a Bangalore-based graphic designer with a keen interest in typography. He is a master of illusion and dark humour. His style is bold and witty; abstract, futuristic and minimal.

Follow him on Instagram: @fuckran

Gaurav Basu

Gaurav Basu is a graphic designer and an illustrator, who also plays with Bangalore-based death metal band Inner Sanctum. His work has been featured in publications such as Metal Hammer, RSJ and the Rolling Stone Magazine.

Follow him on Instagram: @acid_toad

Khyati Trehan

Khyati Trehan is a graphic designer, illustrator and a 3-D artist from New Delhi, who is currently based in Berlin. She loves creating meaning by finding a connection between seemingly unrelated things. She was named one of Print Magazine’s “15 New Visual Artists Under 30.”

Follow her on Instagram: @khyatitrehan


Madhav Nair is a comics artist and illustrator who has worked on public murals, editorial illustrations, book and album covers. His illustrations are a blend of vibrant colours and seemingly melting forms, a stylistic blend of hand drawing and digital intervention.

Follow him on Instagram: @deadtheduck


Nikunj Patel runs an independent design studio called Studio Moebius, and is an animator, graphic artist and VJ. His trippy work was featured at the Magnetic Fields. He has also created and crowdfunded India’s first completely traditional ‘pencil-on-paper’ animated music video.

Follow in Instagram: @spiralofsorts

Rohan Jha

Illustrator and graphic designer Rohan Jha’s portfolio spans a roster of work from pop art to alternate movie posters. His chic, creative artwork make for compelling designs.

Follow him on Instagram: @aliastraitor

Sanchit Sawaria

Sanchit carries a holistic and meditative approach to work. His multi-genre style is abstract, futuristic, typographic and surreal. He runs his design studio Struck by with design partner Prateek Upreti, and also produces electronic music.

Follow on Instagram: @badjudgeofcharacter


Shiva Nallaperumal is a graphic designer, type designer and illustrator. He’s been featured in the Forbes’ 30 Under 30. His work focusses on identity systems, publications, custom typefaces and interactive designs.

Follow him on Instagram: @shiva_n_

Cover: @aliastraitor

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