TheVibe’s Weekend Music Roundup

The weekend is finally here! While most of us are stuck working from home, grappling with the realities of the New Normal in the age of Covid-19, TheVibe is back with a roundup of the best new music to come out of our nation’s most beloved artists, to soothe our troubled souls.

Without further ado, here’s TheVibe’s Weekend Music Roundup!

°Kahan Hai Tu – Mallika Mehta

Known as the Adele of Mumbai, Mallika Mehta’s soulful voice and poetic lyrics are a sonic treat unlike any other. Melancholic, moody and longing, the track perfectly encapsulates the emotion of waiting on a loved one’s arrival.

°JIYA II ft. Isheeta Chakrvarty – Anhad + Tanner

Anhad + Tanner’s debut record “In Other Words” is a fresh take on fusion music, heroing Indian Electronica and Asian Underground sounds, interpreted in a contemporary context. Released via Gravity Sounds, a boutique label headed up by Gaurav Raina (one half of Midival Punditz), the album features a host of tracks that are meditative, mesmerising and empowering at once.

°maqsad – Naqaab47 x Shoals

Written and performed by Naqaab47, the track maqsad is a satirical commentary typical of the artiste, whose punchy lyrics divulge their true “maqsad”, as the track goes, “sabko hai sunana”! With a rhythm and flow that matches the intrinsic social and political messaging of the lyrical content, this collaboration is one of many of its kind, heavy with symbolism and double-entendres.

°Molly × freestyle ft. Parimal Shais – Hanumankind


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Sooraj Cherukat aka Hanumankind first hit the public eye when he won the 2017 Mic Drop Tournament, a competition which recognises up-and-coming rappers. Originally from Kerala, Hanumankind moved to Texas as a child. He returned to Bengaluru in 2015 and has been making music independently since. With a lyrical flow that has us nodding our heads and tapping our feet, Hanumankind is stepping up his game with this fiery freestyle, and we just can’t get enough!

°Absolute – Mali

The haunting, poetic and heart-wrenching Absolute by artiste Maalavika Manoj, aka Mali, is an act of rebellion against the powers that be, albeit packaged in a silky-smooth tone coupled with an uplifting composition. Quickly garnering the attention of widespread audiences following its release, the music video for the song is in stark opposition to the song’s true message, one heavy with accusation and political and social commentary.

°Quin – KAVYA

An exploration of the artiste’s vulnerabilities, KAVYA’s Quin is conceptualised around the importance of self-love and nurturing oneself, and reminds the listener that true beauty lies in vulnerability and acceptance of one’s true self.

°Who Really Cares feat. Nate08 – Yung Raj

One of the most consistent electronic artists in the country over the past 2 years, Yung Raj’s recently released EP, KNOXXVILLE is a layered listen, heavy with texture and specific attention to detail.

°WORKING – Cartel Madras

Tribesmembers Cartel Madras are back with their first single of 2020, WORKING, a love letter to the campy, colour-coded Eurodance videos of the 90s. Teaming up with collective mate Jide, WORKING is a queer party House track that pulls from their experiences in the music scene.

°Curry Chatti Beats Ep:2 ft. Irfana, Randy Scarhol & Bahaar – Parimal Shais


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Curry Chatti Beats is a collaborative project curated as a series, featuring multiple artists and beats that are sampled out of old Indian movie clips. Episode Two is sampled out of “Naan Malarodu Thaniyaga” from Tamil classic movie Iru Vallavargal starring Jaishankar, Vijaylakshmi, Manohar, Manorama directed by K.V Srinivasan and Music by Vedha.

°Battle for Watermark – Malfnktion

An innovative collaboration that melds music with journalism, The Outlaw Ocean Music Project features a 5 track EP inspired by ‘The Outlaw Ocean’ a New York Times best-selling book by Ian Urbina, whose investigation into crimes and lawlessness in international waters around the world brings awareness to activities such as illegal fishing, human trafficking, slavery and arms dealing.

°Love Sick – Kovsky ft.Citizen Kale

Indian electronic producer Citizen Kale’s soulful lo-fi sound is complimented by Mumbai-based pop artist Aashna Gulabani aka Kovsky’s soothing vocals  – who takes her stage name from Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

°Reverrse Polarity – Reverrse Polarity

Three-member progressive/hardcore band from Mumbai, Reverrse Polarity is back with a re-release of their first-ever debut album. The winners of Channel V’s Launchpad 3, the three-piece metal outfit makes their much-awaited return to the scene with this latest release.

°Chitta – Prabh Deep

One of the hottest names in Indian hip-hop right now, Delhi-based rapper Prabh Deep’s new music video for his single Chitta tells a story about the conflict between good and evil that each one of us experiences over our lifetime. Chitta features animation by Debjyoti Saha, and boasts a storyline that is filled with political commentary.

°WANNABE RAPPER – SlowCheeta feat. Delraaz Bunshah

IncInk’s SlowCheeta’s latest EP, Rok Nahi Paayega has been taking the scene by storm. The track “WANNABE RAPPER” is the artists own retelling of his journey to the top, and of his many inspirations, and aspirations as a rapper in the Indian scene.

°For Now – Lojal

Lojal is a multi-project musical experiment by singer/songwriter, Martin J. Haokip with musical freedom and emotional expression in mind. The track, For Now, is a love letter to easy listening, reminiscent of a soft-rock, acoustic sound.


ILLAH is a rapper from Los Angeles, California originally born in New Delhi. He has been co-signed by artists like Sauce Walka, Mozzy and Wiz Khalifa producer Sledgren from Taylor Gang. With a lyrical flow and the beats to match, ILLAH’s track is a tribute to loyalty and the age-old adage, bros before h*s.

°Here We Are & Now We Are Gone – Zanuski

Mumbai-based Producer and Composer Zahaan Khan aka Zanuski’s ’Free Flow Mon Ami Vol. 2’ is a panoramic and elegant collection of tunes. Tied in seamlessly with Sajid Wajid Shaikh‘s take on American rubber hose animation from the 1920s which served as a visual reference for the artiste, the concept of the release reflects the sombre narratives of the cartoons.

°Satire – The Lightyears Explode

Pop/indie/Punk-rock act The Lightyears Explode undergo a sonic revival with their newest release, Satire, which features 70’s-esque Rock guitars and Rhythmic Pop inspired vocals with lyrics about being stuck in an aggressive, continuously escalating social situation and wanting to run away rather than face it head-on

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