This Summer, Learn to Surf the Shaka Way

India’s rising ocean culture is ushering in a new wave.
Surf culture has always had a casual way of going about things. There’s never been a need to over-sell; no urge to peddle like you would say, a Zorb ball. There’s a surfboard, your sense of balance and an endless ocean at play and so, with a little bit of help and a few gallons of salt water later, it’s quite certain you’ll be stoked for a really long while.
Everyone’s wanted to learn to surf at some point and TheVibe‘s experiential team wants nothing more than to help you with exactly that. Want to start something new? Learn to do it right. Here’s where TheVibe Tribe and The Shaka Surf Club wish to step in. Ishita Malaviya, India’s first lady slider, ocean activist and official GoPro ambassador along with her partner, Tushar Pathiyan began The Shaka Surf Club to keep everything about this beautiful sub-culture – simple and accessible; same reason, why every kid in their village knows how to surf. Everyone is invited. This simply means that you’re allowed to arrive cluelessly but expected to leave, hanging loose. Imbibe the true spirit of Shaka. Summer’s On. Surf’s Up. Shaka season ends soon.
Learn to surf the Shaka wave. Step right up for TheVibe Experience here.

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