Wandering Warriors: Essential Service Heroes on the Frontlines

At 8pm yesterday, PM Narendra Modi announced a complete lockdown of the nation as a whole to limit the spread of the deadly novel coronavirus. For the next 21 days, India will be in a state of complete shutdown, with only essential travel being allowed. While the rest of the world is safe and sequestered at home, there are a few brave hearts that venture out in the name of public health and safety, disregarding their own wellbeing for that of the nation’s.
Let’s take a look at some of these brave men and women on the frontlines of the global battle against the deadly Covid-19.

°Doctors and Medical Health Professionals

Our first line of defence against the deadly spread of the Novel Coronavirus, medical health professionals from all around the nation have been working long hours in contagious and hazardous conditions, prioritising our safety over their own. With limited resources, both in terms of personnel and infrastructure, these men and women are spreading themselves thin, sacrificing sleep, nutrition, and safety in the name of medicine.

°Police Officers & Security Guards


If you are sitting in the safety of your home as you read this, you have these men and women to thank. The police are working tirelessly to ensure curfews are being maintained, thereby ensuring public safety. As I sit writing this piece from my home in Mumbai, I hear the voice of one such officer over a megaphone, urging citizens to follow the rules of the curfew. “Stay inside,” the man says in Hindi, “Save yourself, save your children, save your parents, save the nation”. The sentinels standing at the gates of our homes, grocery stores and other essential facilities, our security guards are our immediate line of defence. From methodically taking the temperature of each and every person to enter, to urging citizens to sanitise and wear the appropriate protective gear, these men and women are crucial to maintaining the peace in these troubling times.

°Emergency Service Professionals

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Firemen, paramedics, the armed forces, law and order professionals, prison workers and others who have pledged to serve the nation and its people, and keep us secure in times of need, have proved their mettle. These emergency service professionals are the watchful protectors of the times, ever ready to come to the rescue of those who need it. A symbol of order and peace, these brave souls are ready and in waiting to put out any fire that threatens the citizens of the nation (both literally, and metaphorically).

°Sanitation Workers

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The nation’s Safai Karamcharis are working tirelessly day and night to keep our cities clean and secure. Working in dismal conditions and risking their lives on a daily basis, these workers are the truest heroes of these trying times. With limited access to protective gear and clean, sanitised facilities, these men and women have been risking their lives every day to ensure yours is more comfortable. With wages that cover little to none of their emergency medical needs, and restricted access to essentials during the lockdown, these men and women toil for long and thankless hours in life-threatening conditions. Do your bit to help these civilian heroes by donating whatever you can. These are difficult times, and these men and women need us just as much as we need them.

°Public Utility Professionals

Have you stopped to wonder where would we be without water, electricity, petrol and other such essentials during this period of lockdown? Public utility professionals are ensuring that we are kept warm and safe in this time of crisis, meeting those base needs that we often take for granted.

°Banks and Insurance Offices

While this global period of crisis threatens lives, it also comes as a major threat to both local and international economies. With markets across the world in a slump and unemployment on the rise, people are struggling to earn their wages, and pay for the essential services they need. The future is uncertain, and these strong-willed men and women are our one chance at economic stability and redemption. Due to the lockdown, bank account holders may not be able to visit ATMs. To combat this cash-crisis, many banks including SBI, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank and Kotak Mahindra Bank have provided cash delivery facilities to their customers in need. Instant loans have also been made available through online gateways, allowing for money to be provided to those in dire need.

°Ration Shops, Grocery Stores and Delivery Executives

As the Prime Minister stated in his speech, the following 21 days are crucial to India’s containment of the Covid-19 epidemic. It is essential to public health and safety that this curfew is adhered to. During this time, these people are the ones who are keeping us fed, ensuring we do not have to leave the safety and comfort of our homes for essentials like medication, food, water, gas, and other such necessities. District authorities are working to ensure that such facilities are made available to people all over the nation in the safety of their homes, while food delivery services the likes of Zomato have introduced such initiatives as Contactless Delivery, wherein food may be delivered to those who need it without human contact. All over India, grocery stores have limited the number of patrons allowed to enter at a single time, ensuring that no crowds gather, and testing people at the door for symptomatic high temperatures.

°Media Personnel

These warriors of truth can be found out in the open, reporting live from the worst-affected areas to bring you the latest developments in the global crisis. In this time of global panic, the media is our often our only major source of information. These professionals are risking their lives to combat the spread of misinformation, and are our eyes into the world outside.

We at TheVibe salute the devotion and undefeatable spirit of these powerful professionals, and all the others who are out in the open, serving the nation and its citizens with no regard for their own personal safety. These are dark times for the world, and for the country, and these brave men and women prove time and time again that the human spirit is the only light that can guide us through to the end. To those who are out on the frontlines, we thank you will all of our hearts for your service, and pray for your safety and wellbeing.

Are you or your close ones working as a response team member in the fight against the Coronavirus? Tell us your story!

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