Marine Biologist Ocean Conservationist
Nayantara (fondly called 'Tara') Jain is a coral reef researcher, a dive-instructor and a true soul-searcher. Hailing from Bangalore, Tara has lived in the Andamans for over half a decade to pursue her research on marine biodiversity and conservation. She holds a Masters in Marine Biology from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in San Diego, California. Tara has featured in a TEDx talk, where she spoke about her most passionate cause - ocean conservation. She also serves as the Executive Director of Reefwatch India - a not-for-profit organisation that is involved in research, education and outreach activities towards the protection of India's coastal and marine environments. In our Original series 'Away From Home,' Tara regales her heartfelt experiences while introducing the many wonders of the Andamans through her eyes.