Anyone with gasoline racing through their veins knows this to be a verified fact of life – there is nothing that compares to the feeling of hearing your engine rev to life opening up an endless possibility of adventure waiting just on the other side of the bend. And so it was with Rohith Subramanian, the 26-year old who has left grease marks in over 10 countries, across 10,000 kilometres and has slept under a different sky through most of his vagabond journeys. And he’s only just begun. Having started riding at the age of 15 on a scooter to traversing myriad terrains on his partner in crime, Sandra the Royal Enfield, the young biker’s story was riveting, we wanted to tell you about it. So we covered 'The Lone Wanderer' on TheVibe Originals series Cruising Legends. We later caught up with him in our other Original series called Caravan Chronicles, which had him exploring the culture of van life through India.