You were not born into this world. You came out of it, like a wave from the ocean. Do not behave like you are a stranger here. This is your home. Namaste + Aloha. Presenting the trailer for Episode One - CAMP NAMALOHA. #NewWave - an Original Series by TheVibe on Indian surf and ocean culture and meaningful connections. In association with The Shaka Surf Club & White Collar Hippie. Cinematography: Rohan Thakur and Sukesh Viswanath Aerial Cinematography: Sukesh Viswanath Editor: Amrit Ramakrishnan and Bharti Bahrani Creative Head: Peter Isaac Simon Executive Producer: Asad Abid Music Courtesy: Fimstro - Arranged by Rohan T. Graphics & Packaging: Rhea Mehta and Afshan Rehman