This virus has made us realize that no matter how intelligent we think our species is, in the end, we don't rule. We bow down to the forces of nature and owe our lives to it. We've heard alarms of caution time and again of the catastrophic effects of human activity. Yet never paid heed to it. Maybe this time we'll let our egos and greed take a back seat. . . Content creators from all across the world are spreading messages that open our eyes and minds to this reality. We curate one such film here that struck a chord with us. ‘The Tiniest Piece of Shit’, by Pan Nalin, Pavan Bhat, and Amrit Maghera makes us ponder, who, not what, the virus may be. . . Credits: A film by @pan.nalin , @pavan_4315 & @amrit.maghera Music: Cyril Morin Editing & Mastering: Pavan Bhat Voice: Amrit Maghera Consultant: Ann Marie Di Mambro & Selene Favuzzi Moral Support: Natasha De Betak & Ilya Jules Pandya Production Courtesy: Monsoon Films & Pan Nalin Pictures . . #COVID19 #lockdown #quarantine #tiniestinvisiblepieceofshit #restorenature #manvsnature #filmmaking #virtuallife #spreadtheword #thevibe