Let’s Talk About Sex Baby: Sex Myths Debunked
Here are five Ted talks you must check out that debunk common myths about sex, and shed light on the female sexual anatomy and orgasm.

1] How to have a healthier, positive relationship with Sex

Tiffany Kagure Mugo and Siphumeze Khundayi spark conversation about women and sexuality in the African continent. Khundayi began her online initiative HOLAAfrica, with a mission to spread awareness about sex and sexuality. This hilarious duo sweep the audience of their feet while they redefine pleasure and demystify complicated ideas of sex that are often internalized.

2]What we don’t teach our kids about Sex

Sue Jay Johnson, an award winning journalist, filmmaker, and writer explores the ways in which our cultural expectations shape our public and private behaviour. She uses different forms of storytelling to engage audiences in issues about social justice ranging from the apartheid in South Africa to U.S Criminal Justice System. In her Ted talk, Jay raises questions about sex education and it’s futile emphasis on reproduction and biology and it’s  disregard to sensuality.

3] A case for Cliteracy

Sophia Wallace is a conceptual photographer and artist who has created the first anatomically correct sculpture of the clitoris. Her project, ‘Cliteracy’ which consists of unauthorized street art installations and through the medium of text based objects  addresses body sovereignty. Wallace raises questions like, ‘How is that we have landed on the moon before we figured out the anatomy of the clitoris?’

4] The uncomplicated truth about women’s sexuality

Sarah Barmark is a freelance journalist and author. She writes about women’s health and sexuality, gender and sexual consent. Her ted talk reveals the truth about the female orgasm and offers a richer definition of pleasure.

5] What young women believe about their own sexual pleasure

Peggy Orenstein, author of Girls & Sex, explores the disturbring impact of sexual expectations on adolscenets and young women. In her Ted talk, she sheds light on the orgasm gap, body image, and overall lack of pleasure after interviewing girls from the age of 15- 20.

All the brilliant humans that made this happen

Alaia Singh


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