Life in Technicolour: A Visit to the 1000 Petals
Gurugram, Haryana

“Imagine experiencing the meditative bliss that you could only attain after decades of penance, served in a 40-minutes session with the Lucia!”

A friend, freshly back from his annual “shroom” trip in Kodai, enthused. These words had me hooked as he went on to talk about the DMT-like experience he’d had in Bengaluru with a device called the Lucia Lamp. The Lamp, he claimed, could reawaken the third-eye at the seat of the pineal gland. All of this, without popping any pills, and with safety guaranteed.

Intrigued, I decided to check this out first-hand.


A ride through the bustling traffic of Indira Nagar had me turn up at a Bengaluru mansion called the 1000 Petals. There, I was joined by Amitabh Swetta and Vartika Gupta, the founders of this new-age wellness centre. Amitabh, who had adopted the moniker of ‘Triptone’, I soon learnt was one of India’s best-known psychedelic livewire trance DJs.

Amitabh began with a walkthrough. “You experience deep meditative resonance with the Lucia in 40-minutes. The machine has the potential to awaken the consciousness of the planet,” he said, buoying my excitement further.


In the Light Room, an unassuming machine stood. I was seated comfortably on a diwan with my eyes closed. The lamp was positioned at a short distance from my forehead, as Amitabh’s voice led me through the first part of the journey. It took me a few minutes to calibrate my breathing with the changing light frequencies as the binaural ambient music rang in my ears.

Moments later, I witnessed a spectacle of lights and fractals play out. I had read enough on sacred geometry, to recognise it, even if it was just in my mind. The patterns changed intensity and frequency every few minutes. They were colourful, psychedelic and magical. After the 40-minute session, I felt myself walking out of the room sharper, clearer, and relaxed. While I was back to reality, I felt connected to the world at an ethereal level.


As I shared my experience with Amitabh and Vartika, they nudged me to try out their floatation tank chamber — the ‘relaxo-pod’. This tub holding 750 kgs of epsom salts with 1000 litres of water recreates the Dead Sea experience, ie allow you to float on water. With light and sound cut off and my body floating, I was deprived of all my sensory perception. Jumping from the Light Room into the Floatation Tank created a synesthetic experience — rejuvenating, yet alien.


As I walked out, a realisation dawned on me. I had just experienced a state of bliss created purely by light, sound and sensory deprivation. Legal, safe and controlled, are these machines going to replace the young seekers’ tendencies to reach for DMT or the acid to experience the spiritual realm, I wondered.

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All the brilliant humans that made this happen

Kartik Rao


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