Adventure Athletes from the Country You Need to Know

With its lush greens, rocky terrains, snowcapped mountain peaks, and water bodies, India offers a multitude of niches for adventure sports to flourish. Equally bestowed are the thrill-seeking adventure athletes of the country who have developed immense efficiency and coherence in various adventure sports through years of implementation. Their journeys have been marked by diligence, titillation, and toying with danger at the edge of it.

If it is the rush of adrenaline, the glory of pursuit, and the thrill of an adventure exhilarates you as an individual, these profiles are imperative to your virtual boards as they never cease to inspire. Here is TheVibe’s list of eminent adventure athletes from our country:


Traversing swiftly across a plethora of aero sports including skydiving, wingsuit flying, and BASE jumping. He is also enthusiastic and proficient in mountaineering and rock climbing. Sajid addresses himself as “A professional gravity tester using the power of content to transform aero sports in India” and we can’t resonate more. His profile ignites excitement as it maps rugged terrains and maps limitless skies as he takes a leap.


Overall Champion GKF’19 and national medalist, Adhikari has kayaking as her forte. From Zanskar in Ladakh to Ganga in raging out of the hills, she has paddled multiple mighty rivers in her expeditions which also include camping and traversing terrains. “There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise!” indeed and her journey fills us with gusto and delectation. In a traditionally masculine sphere of muscle and vigor against the force of nature, Naina Adhikari stands strong defying norms, garnering kudos and kleos!


Pro parkouring athlete and trainer and highliner, Deepak Mali is the real-life incarnation of an action hero. Parkouring typically requires running through a usually urban setting while negotiating obstacles by jumping, climbing, or flipping. As Indians and connoisseurs of Bollywood, we must know he’s doubled many scenes for the iconic Tiger Shroff who is usually associated with parkouring in the Bollywood world. One needs to cultivate recklessly high speed and physical vigor to humanly perform parkouring as Deepak does and his social media is a reiteration of this precision.


With FIM Baja Rally World Cup and National Road Racing medal amongst her laurels, Aishwarya Pissay racing champion. “This is my choice of weaponry, what’s yours?” says she about a picture sporting her mountain bikes and motorcycles, in a picture in her Instagram grid. As she sports her wheels across roads not taken, she vrooms across socially sanctioned gender norms to establish herself both worthy to compete and inclined to take on challenges head-on!


With engineering and roboteer-ing amidst his inclinations, Siddharth Nayak’s adventure sports journey includes his love for bikes. “Sometimes you need to opt for something out of the box to get that adrenaline rush,” says he. He is an FPV drone pilot and collaborates with multiple adventure athletes to shoot to recreate for us, the exhilaration and precariousness of adventure sports.


This adventure athlete is spontaneous and reckless in vigor and vibes. His forte is gliding his longboard which is faster and more versatile if juxtaposed with a regular skateboard, across novel and challenging roads. He recently won OVERBOARD 2019, India’s first longboard competition. As Khaba travels across for his competitions and in pursuit of thrills, he derives joy and grounding from his childhood. “Enjoying by bringing out the child in me is the only moment I cherish soulfully” he pens down on his Instagram as he climbs into an Old Banyan. His grid, much like escapades is infested with enthusiasm and positivity.


Sahil’s claim to fame and glory is his splendid mountain biking skills and his yearning for an adventure that has taken him places. “I find peace when I am on two wheels. What about you?” Perhaps peace and tranquility come to us through a virtual escapade in Sehgal’s Instagram grid which semantically holds the essence of his cycling trails around the country. He has mapped places and captured moments on his wheels and has seized moments, invaluable.


Sibby Varghese’s quirky and artistic aesthetic subtly muffles the extreme perils that encompass his mastered sport- highlining. Highlining is an extreme sport that requires one to balance on a piece of webbing tied taut extraordinarily high above the ground. “It’s never just another adventure” believes Varghese. As he rigs each Highline, he sets himself at a greater height of thrills and tranquility


Rock climber, highliner, slackliner, and rescuer, Rohit Vartak has given a heroic dimension to the skill and talent he is endowed with. “Mountains are beautiful but they are deadly too” says he as he recognizes the element of hazard and jeopardy involved in the most tremendously beautiful of terrains. Considering his years and application and inclination towards extreme sports, there could not be a more worthy individual for rescue tasks. He has deliberately fused his love for adventure with a humane aspect to amplify it multifold.

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All the brilliant humans that made this happen

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