Living the Rush: Adventure Sports in India Decoded

Indian adrenaline junkies in search of rush have courted International adventure destinations for years. In the last half-decade, however, the advent of adventure lifestyle sports in India has brought with it a new thrust that has changed the homegrown adventure scene here forever.

For a country as large and diverse as India, and one as young (about 75% of the Country is aged under 35 years), travel would seem like a national obsession. Adventure travel, however, has only just started to mushroom with a few impassioned patrons making this a lifestyle statement. In their wake, these homegrown influencers have encouraged others to follow in their footsteps with newfound zeal.

Ironically, even as India is naturally disposed to adventure tourism today, the potential still remains largely untapped. With TheVibeOriginal series Rushes, we at TheVibe are looking to turn the tide distinctly in favour of this new lifestyle trend to bring adventure within reach. While combing the nation for adventure-sports aficionados, we zeroed in on seven leaders who are upping the ante with their passionate exploits. These mavericks although all self-starters, have paved the way for a glorious future among all those wanting to cash out for life experiences. Not only has this started a movement amongst the Indian fans of the sports to actively seek out these experiences, but it has also brought the international spotlight squarely on India in 2018. Our curation aims at making these experiences even more accessible.

Today, destinations from Kashmir to Kerela offer distinctly native adventure segue to all those in search of an extreme sports rush. Adventure sports such as back county skiing, surfing, kiteboarding, deep sea diving, downhill MTB biking, slacklining, paragliding, wake-boarding, free-climbing, BASE jumping and white water rafting are just a few of the many sports mushrooming all over the country.

We banded with seven athletes through Rushes as they embarked on their death-defying stunts to discover about this elusive chase here in India.

Through the next few weeks, you will get up, close and personal with these athletes as they share their motivations and insights. Each perspective gives a new lease of life to the ethos of outdoor living and adventure sports lifestyle in India.

In the series, we introduce athletes Arjun Motha and Jehan Driver who run the Aqua Outback in Tamil Nadu and extreme kayaker Bhupendra Singh Rana who is a Rescue-3 International certified professional from Rishikesh. Commercial pilot Udit Thapar shows you life from 13,000 feet as he wingsuit dives from the desert skies of Rajasthan. Vinay Menon, one of India’s best-known downhill biking faces, tears down the fields of Valparai. Slackliner Samar Farooqui, the founder of Slacklife Inc., literally walks the tight rope. Award-winning underwater photographer Sumer Verma with 9000 dives logged touches upon the wonders of the deep sea that lead you to evolve into a more conscious person.

The adventure lifestyle community in India today is blossoming and at a cusp of a real breakthrough. As the lifestyle and community continues to resonate with more people, these adventure sports will find new fans. We at TheVibe are at the forefront of championing this cause and pray more power to its exposure.

You can catch the Series Promo of TheVibe Original series Rushes and get a sneak peek into all that’s set to unfold in the coming days.

Stay tuned to TheVibe for all the latest updates about TheVibe Originals series Rushes. Streaming Soon!

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