UNTOUCHED BLUES: Dive Sites in Komodo

If you have a bucket list of dive sites you need to visit, Komodo Islands should be one of them. Colourful reefs, sharks, manta rays and plenty surprises is what you’ll find. Although you can jump into the water anywhere in and around the Komodo National Park, a lot of these dive sites are seasonal as they are affected by currents. Pick from this list of dive spots in Komodo Islands based on their speciality;

Darat Passage North

Drift drive + Snorkelling

These shallow reefs are extremely rich in marine life. The dive is done from West to East as the channel becomes shallower and the current increases. The current gradually gets milder and drops you off closer to the island as the dive ends.

Castle Rock

Bat Fish + Barracuda

This site has excellent visibility and the sight of 3-4 friendly bat fishes and Barracudas is guaranteed.

Crystal Bomie

Yellow Ribbon Sweetlips

This site also has very clear visibility and different species of fishes are seen seasonally.

Gill Lawa Laut

Pretty Coral Reef

Gill Lawa Laut is the north-eastern tip of the Komodo National Park and has several dive spots. This is also good for night diving.

Darat Passage South

Drift drive + Golden Passage

The Golden Passage is one of the top drift sites, where the current brings you closer to the corner as the dive ends.

Batu Bolong

Rocky Islands + Colourful Coral and fish

Batu Bolong is a tiny rocky island and one can only dive when there is not too much current.

Batu Tiga

Big fish dive + Groupers

Recommended for experienced divers, this dive site is accessible by boats.

Pink Sand Beach

Pink Sand + Night Dive

Aptly named, the Pink Beach is one of the 7 beaches in the world and is a natural wonder. It is a famous tourist site and and the water has striking colours.


Large Napoleon Wrasse

This is a small island with steep dropping walls. Many big fishes can be seen along the steep walls.

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